MDG 8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development

Impact International:

Helping aid organisations operate more effectively

In 2006, Impact launched the Relief and Development Group as a specialist consultancy to help organisations more effectively serve people living in crisis. The Group focuses on generating personal, team, organistional, and ultimately systemic, leadership action in a number of ways: helping existing relief and development agencies work more effectively, catalysing action from the private sector to serve people living in crisis, and forging cross-sector ventures to inspire systemic leadership action.

Recent examples include Impact’s work with Christian Aid to conduct a global review of humanitarian programmes, policies and procedures. In DR Congo, Impact has worked with Save the Children to develop a strategic planning programme.

Experiential learning is a fundamental part of all Impact’s work – the organisation believes that people learn best by experiencing real situations, consequences and achievements, and by being fully engaged in the learning process. Rather than simply offer a solution to a problem, Impact works in true partnership with clients to design an integrated process. Every programme and event is viewed as part of a wider learning journey.


Supporting development partnerships

In addition to supporting the UN Global Compact at a global level, Accenture is making a huge impact on developing a global partnership for development through Accenture Development Partnerships, a group within Accenture. Through a first-of-its-kind business model, Accenture Development Partnerships, designed to operate on a non-profit basis, is able to deliver affordable world-class management and technology consulting services to these critical organizations, while providing Accenture people with an unparalleled personal and professional opportunity as part of their careers.

The Group is involved in numerous projects to stimulate entrepreneurship and higher quality of life for communities through providing strategic advice and technical project management support to non-profit organisations, NGOs, foundations and donor organisations operating in the development sector, helping these organisations achieve social and economic development goals. These activities are examples of Accenture’ s corporate citizenship focus, Skills to Succeed, which educates people around the world, building skills that enable them to participate in and contribute to the economy.

As an example, Accenture teamed with Oxfam GB in India to address how smallholder farmers could participate in the economic growth opportunities presented by the increased demand for fresh produce in the expanding retail market in India. The company’s support spanned research to implementation by conducting market assessments, contributing to Oxfam’s Poverty Footprinting methodology and leveraging Accenture’s client network to help convene an important partnership with a major agricultural supply chain company in India. ¶