Communicating Progress

A Communication on Progress (COP) seeks to inform a company’s stakeholders about its progress in implementing the Global Compact’s 10 principles. The purpose of the COP is both to ensure and deepen the commitment of Global Compact participants and to safeguard the integrity of the initiative. In addition, the collection of COPs on the Global Compact website creates a rich source of corporate practice examples that serve as a basis for learning and continuous performance improvement. Global Compact signatories are obliged to publish annually a COP compliant with UNGC requirements.

Guidance and mentoring
The UK Network has developed guidance for its participants that apply to companies of all sizes, both large multinationals and SMEs.  In addition, members are able to request mentoring for help and advice on the content and production of COPs.

Peer review
The UK Network has created a programme to help participants efficiently and effectively meet the requirement for publishing a COP by learning from the experience of their peers. The peer review process creates a “safe” environment where businesses can have candid conversations about the challenges of producing a COP and exchange constructive criticism.

All UK Network members are encouraged to participate in this programme as both peer reviewers and reviewees. There will normally be 3-4 review rounds of Peer Reviews annually, depending upon requests from Network participants.

Peer reviewers consider each COP along two critical dimensions:
• Implementation of Global Compact principles
• Transparency and disclosure

Please view the COP guidance section for further details on how to prepare a COP, mentoring, and the peer review programme.