Past Event Reports 2018

Webinar: Understanding human rights due diligence – requirements and first steps
19 April 2018

As part of the Human Rights Programme developed by your Network Secretariat and twentyfifty, the first training session, a webinar titled “Understanding human rights due diligence – requirements and first steps” took place on Thursday 19th April at 3pm. In light of increasing requirements for companies to respect human rights in their operations, the session placed focus on the current and expected requirements of business due diligence with regards to human rights, and the meaning of due diligence and how it differs from compliance.

Event: Ringing the Bell for Gender Equality
9 March 2018

The 4th annual Ring the Bell for Gender Equality was held at the London Stock Exchange in celebration of International Women’s Day. Organised by Women in ETFs and partnering organisations, the event commenced with the ringing of the Opening Bell and was followed by speeches from Steve Kenzie, of UNGC Network UK, and various leading women taking action to advance gender equality in their workplace.

Webinar: Managing the impact of human rights risk
31 January 2018

Your Network Secretariat partnered with Network members, Greenstone and Ardea International, for a webinar “Managing the impact of human rights risk: avoiding non-compliance in supply chains” on Wednesday 31st January at 3.30pm. This webinar looked at what organisations should be doing to address human rights in the supply chain, and how ensuring compliance can reduce potential risk. Providing the ‘Introduction to Human Rights issues’ was Steve Kenzie of UNGC Network UK and addressing ‘Human Rights legislation’ was Colleen Theron of Ardea International, followed by Gyles Scott-Hayward of Greenstone, speaking on ‘The supply chain data story’.

Workshop: Communicating Progress: The Essentials
22 January 2018

The UN Global Compact Network UK repeated its half-day training workshop on how to draft a Communication on Progress (COP) that complies with the UN Global Compact’s reporting requirements and effectively communicates with your company’s stakeholders. Presenters discussed COP requirements, materiality, links to GRI, data collection/metrics and effective presentation.

This workshop is aimed at people producing their first COP and always receives very positive reviews from participants.