Upcoming Events

Event: Harnessing supply chain data for innovation and sustainable change
15 September 2015
Hosted by RELX Group

This series is the result of an events partnership between UN Global Compact – UK Network (UNGC-UK) and Sedex to facilitate our shared aims of driving improvements and convergence in responsible business practices.

In an increasingly technological world, the importance of data has become a key component of most organisations’ operations. Typical product data management challenges can be complex, diverse and pervasive, creating a variety of supply chain headaches, including missed orders, long lead times, inefficient logistics and excessive inventory, which ultimately contribute to reduced profitability.

However, the right data can illuminate patterns of behaviour that would otherwise go unnoticed. It can give us ways to understand the impact our decisions make in the present and the past. Most importantly it allows us to predict and make decisions about the future.

Continual data collection and analysis are essential to determine if intended results are being achieved or if changes are needed to improve results.

In this event, hear from experts on how they are using data for sustainable value chains and discuss in round-tables common changes around:

  • Why is capturing supply chain data so important?
  • How companies are collecting and using data?
  • What data points are companies using? Could be using? Should be using in the future?
  • How to integrate supply chain data into CSR systems?
  • How can this data drive change?

Time: 2-5pm BST
Venue: RELX Group, 1-3 Strand, London, WC2N 5JR

To register for this event please click here.

Event: Unlocking value through sustainable supply chains
23 September 2015
Hosted by Accenture

Accenture Procurement is hosting this event to explore the benefits that can be achieved through effective management of environmental impacts in corporate supply chains.

The programme will feature a keynote speech from a Senior Accenture Leader followed by presentations on:

  1. Measuring and managing climate impacts in supply chains
  2. Why and how to set an internal price on carbon in your company
  3. New business models that capture the benefits of the “circular economy”

Presentations will be followed by a reception.

More details on the programme will be released in the coming days. Places will be limited, so please register early by clicking on this

Workshop: ‘Communicating Progress: The Essentials’
29 September
Hosted by UN Global Compact Network UK

The Global Compact Network UK is offering a half-day training workshop on how to draft a Communication on Progress (COP) that effectively communicates with your company’s stakeholders and complies with the UN Global Compact’s reporting requirements.  This workshop is aimed at anyone struggling to produce their COP. Presenters will discuss COP requirements, materiality, links to GRI, data collection/metrics and effective presentation.

There is a participation fee for this workshop, with a substantial discount for Network members (£50 for members; £150 for non-members). Get more information and register here.

Global Compact +15 Europe
13-16 October 2015
Hosted by UN Global Compact Network Germany

The UN Global Compact Network Germany is organising a conference in Berlin in October for Global Compact stakeholders to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the launch of the initiative. It will be a great opportunity for UK Network members to meet representatives from other European Global Compact Networks and key personnel from the Global Compact office and Global Compact Foundation.

A great programme of workshops and seminars is being planned to ensure a strong value proposition for businesses to attend. For more information on the provisional programme please follow this link. It is rumoured that the new UN Global Compact Executive Director will be attending.

For registration please click here.