Upcoming Events

Event: ‘Supply Chain Forum: Managing for Supply Chain Sustainability’ – 15 October

In partnership with Sedex, the UK Network is organising an event to promote peer-to-peer knowledge exchange on the subject of managing for supply chain sustainability. Attendees will hear speakers from BBC Worldwide, M&S, and Sedex, sharing experience about overcoming internal challenges to embedding sustainability into their business operations.
You can get more information and register here.

Webinar: ‘Communicating About the Global Compact’ – 21 October

The Global Compact Network UK, in collaboration with UN Global Compact HQ, has organised a webinar to help you communicate about the Global Compact. Please join us at 2pm GMT on Tuesday, 21 October.  When your organisation became a signatory to the UN Global Compact, your CEO made a number of commitments, one of which was to  “…advance the Global Compact through advocacy and active outreach to peers, partners, clients, consumers and the public at large.”  We recognize that communicating about the Global Compact can be quite challenging.  Some organisations may have a dedicated communications team that lacks knowledge about the Global Compact, while others have people with knowledge of the Compact but lacking expertise in communications.
 You can get more information and register here.

Event: ‘Education: The Smartest Investment’ -  7 November

In 2013, the UN Global Compact, in partnership with the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, UNICEF and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), published The Smartest Investment: A Framework for Business Engagement in Education.  This publication sets out the case for why businesses should care about education and provides guidance for businesses keen to create educational and learning opportunities for children and young people. This Global Compact Network UK event will explore the value business can generate for itself and society by developing, supporting and engaging in educational activities that bolster a child’s or young person’s future prospects.  We will look at the business case for investing in education and provide concrete examples that you can apply to your business.
You can get more information and register here.

Webinar: ‘Water Scarcity: A threat to business as usual’ – new date – 11 November

This webinar will be taking place on 11 November – our last newsletter indicated it would be on the 14th.  Apologies for the error. In partnership with Sedex, the UK Network is organising a webinar that will consider water-related business risks.  The CDP Global Water Report 2013 found that 64% of respondents to the CDP survey believe water-related risks will hit their businesses within the next five years, with 70% identifying water as a significant business risk now. The webinar will take place from 2pm – 3.30pm.
You can get more information and register here.

Webinar: ‘Meet the UN’ Webinar Series – 17 & 18 November

The United Nations is an extremely complex organisation, comprised of hundreds of offices around the world, addressing the full spectrum of the human experience.  From the outside (and even from the inside) it can be an impenetrable alphabet soup of acronyms: UNEP, UNDP, ILO, UNRWA, FAO, UNCTAD, OHCHR, UNESCO, UNIDO, IMF, WFP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UN-Women, IFAD, IDA, UNHCR, UN-Habitat…  Very few people know what all these letters stand for, let alone what these organisations do!  This is a lost opportunity for both the UN and the private sector.

To address this problem, the Global Compact Network UK is launching a ‘Meet the UN’ Webinar Series.  The programme will consist of two webinars on consecutive days with 20+ UN agencies giving brief introductions to their work and how the private sector can engage with them.

The webinars will take place from 13:30 – 15:30 on Monday, 17 November and Tuesday, 18 November.  We will provide a list of participating UN Agencies well in advance, so that you can plan to dip in and out for the presentations that are most relevant to you.  If there is a particular UN Agency that you would be interested in hearing about, please let us know so we can be sure they are included. We will have more detailed information on this exciting initiative soon, but for now, please save those dates.

Workshop: ‘Communicating Progress: The Essentials’ – 18 November

The Global Compact Network UK is offering a half-day training workshop on how to draft a Communication on Progress (COP) that effectively communicates with your company’s stakeholders and complies with the UN Global Compact’s reporting requirements. This workshop is aimed at anyone struggling to produce their COP.  Presenters will discuss COP requirements, materiality, links to GRI, data collection/metrics and effective presentation. There is a participation fee for this workshop, with a substantial discount for Network members.

Get more information and register here.

Partner Event: ‘Communications & Reporting Summit’ – 13 & 14 November

Thought-leaders specialising in reporting and communications have been meeting at Ethical Corp’s CR Reporting & Comms Summit in London for nearly a decade to discuss the finer points of what constitutes reporting best practice. This November, they will be back with a strong focus on value-creation for stakeholders, both internal and external, company’s financial performance, and generating positive change. The Global Compact Network UK is participating in the Summit this year as a media partner.

The aim for the 8th Annual CR Reporting & Communications Summit is to help companies bring sustainability to life and create value. Focusing on these bigger issues to improve organisation’s reporting process is where thought leaders are heading. Getting this right is crucial to building a sustainably viable commercial business.

Global Compact Network UK members are being offered a 20% discount off the admission price with this code: UNGLOBAL001

A complete agenda for the Summit, along with a complete speaker and delegate line-up, and registration information, can be found here.