How to Join

Participation in the UK Network of the UN Global Compact is open to UK based organisations that are “active” participants in the UN Global Compact.  Please note that an organisation is not automatically a participant in the UK Network when it becomes a signatory to the Global Compact – there are separate joining processes for each initiative.

More information on how to become a signatory to the UN Global Compact can be found on the UK Network website here, or on the United Nations Global Compact website, here.

How to join the UK Network of the UN Global Compact

The terms of reference for the UK Network can be found in the document The UK Network Guidelines for Activity and Governance.  Download PDF) to the UK Network Secretariat.  The Secretariat will confirm the applicant’s standing in the UNGC, determine the appropriate participation fee, and send the prospective participant an invoice.

Upon payment of the invoice, the organisation will be added to the list of participants in the UK Network.

To maintain good standing in the UK Network, participants must fulfil the following obligations:

  • Maintain their standing as an “Active” participant in the UN Global Compact as defined by the UN; this includes, but is not limited to, the timely submission of a Communication on Progress compliant with UNGC rules.
  • Participate in the UK Network COP peer review process as defined by the Steering Committee; this may include acting as a peer reviewer and/or submitting a COP for review when called upon.
  • Pay the appropriate fee, as determined by the Steering Committee for participation in the Network:
    • Large company £1,800
    • SME (per adapted EU definition: <250 employees or <£39m Turnover) £450
    • Non-business participant £450.

For all inquiries regarding participation in the UK Network, please contact the
UK Network Secretariat.