How to join the UK Network

Becoming a Global Compact signatory is an important public commitment to responsible business practices and transparency, but it does not automatically include membership in the Local Network. There is a separate joining process for the Local Network and a small mandatory fee to offset the cost of the Network Secretariat.

Local Networks were launched to help make the Global Compact relevant across the world’s different economic, political and cultural landscapes and to support meaningful engagement with signatories.

If you would like to join the Network, please contact the Secretariat. Before you join, you will need to sign a statement of support and complete an application form containing the following details:

  1. Full contact details for the day-to-day contact(s) in the organisation.
  2. Address details for sending the invoice and a PO# if needed.
  3. A short (50 word) description of your organisation for the UK Network website.
  4. Permission (or not) to announce your membership on our website and twitter.

If you have any questions please contact the Secretariat.

Benefits of joining the UK Network

While each organisation has its own reasons for joining, for many companies the benefits of membership include:

  • Quarterly Meetings provide a forum for knowledge exchange, networking, and a neutral venue for members to interact with organisations diverse in size, sector, and industry.
  • Outreach Events provide a platform on which active members can address cross-sector audiences on issues related to the GC.
  • COP Peer Review Programme & Guidance provides members with valuable feedback on their COP. COP assistance and mentoring can be provided upon request
  • Influencing the Policy, Regulations, and Institutions: Government bodies and global policy leaders often consult the network to gather private sector feedback and advice on major policy developments.
  • Website: The UK Network website publicises members’ participation and support for the GC, as well as provides a useful resource for members.
  • The Annual Local Networks Forum provides UK companies of all sizes the opportunity to network with leading companies from all over the world and Global Compact Policy makers.
  • Fulfilling Obligations as a Signatory to the Compact: By supporting the UK Network, members are partially fulfilling their obligation to the Compact since the Network is acting on behalf of its members to pursue GC objectives.
  • Webinars are held on topics relevant to GC operations.

Annual membership costs

  • Large company (>3000 employees): £2,895 +VAT
  • Medium company (251-3000 employees): £2,035 +VAT
  • Small company (<250 employees): £505 +VAT
  • Non-business participant: £505 +VAT

Members of the UK Network are expected to provide three months notice of their intention to leave the Network.  After that, membership fees may be refunded on a pro rata basis.