2019 SDG Pioneers



Global Compact Network UK searches for young professionals committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

As part of the 2019 UN Global Compact SDG Pioneers programme, Global Compact Network UK have launched its national search for young professionals (35 and under) who are committed to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Later this year, the Network will award a Young Professional as Global Compact Network UK SDG Pioneer. The selected young professional will then have the opportunity to participate in the final search of global SDG Pioneers to be recognized during the 2019 UN General Assembly in September in New York.

In the spirit of giving young people a voice in building a sustainable future, the 2019 SDG Pioneers programme will highlight next-generation leaders’ actions to contribute to tackling the world’s most pressing problems in their professions. Global Compact Network UK welcomes the leadership of companies participating in the UN Global Compact to nominate young employees — 35 and under — to the programme and later on join them during the recognition.

Young professionals are also welcome to submit their own stories on contributions towards sustainable development or nominate a colleague for consideration in the programme. Please note that the deadline has been extended to Tuesday 7th May.

To nominate yourself, please click here.

To nominate someone else, please click here.

About the SDG Pioneers Programme

As part of UN Global Compact Making Global Goals Local Business campaign, each year the initiative recognizes a class of SDG Pioneers — business leaders working at any level of a company, who are using business as a force for good to advance the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Pioneers play an important role to drum up interest in the Global Goals and in how the UN Global Compact is empowering businesses to advance them. In 2019, the UN Global Compact will recognize a number of young professionals (35 and under) working at any level in a participating company of the UN Global Compact who are advancing the SDGs.

About Global Compact Network UK

The UN Global Compact’s aim is to mobilise a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to create the world we want. The UK Network delivers an extensive programme of activity to support UN Global Compact Participants and Signatories to operationalise the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles that cover human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption – and to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The 2019 SDG Pioneers programme has partly been made possible with generous support from Tuborg Foundation.


Global Compact Network UK

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Project Manager – SDGs

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2019 SDG Pioneers

Frequently Asked Questions


Question Answer
Who are the 2019 SDG Pioneers? 2019 SDG Pioneers are Young Professionals (35 and under) — working at any level in a company — who are doing an exceptional job of making global goals local business. Through their own company or by mobilizing other businesses, they are helping to reach one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while also contributing to business success.
Who is eligible? Young Professionals (35 and under) who are working at any level of a UN Global Compact Participant or Signatory company are eligible to apply or be nominated. To check whether an organization is a UN Global Compact Participant or Signatory company, please search the participant list online. If your company has yet to select its engagement tier, please see here for more information and to select your engagement tier.

For the 2019 SDG Pioneers, we only consider companies who have joined the UN Global Compact by 24 September 2018 and have submitted at least 1 Communication on Progress (CoP). If your company joined after the date, please consider applying for the 2020 SDG Pioneers programme.

The UN Global Compact reserves the right to remove the SDG Pioneer recognition if the company and/or individual is later deemed to be a reputational risk to the SDG Pioneer campaign and/or the UN Global Compact initiative.

What if I am affiliated with but not directly employed by a UN Global Compact signatory? You are only eligible to apply or be nominated if you are either employed by the company (or its subsidiary).
My company does not yet participate in the UN Global Compact. Can I still apply? Only individuals from a UN Global Compact Participant or Signatory company will be eligible to apply or be nominated. If your company is not yet participating in the UN Global Compact please visit the UN Global Compact website to learn more about how to join.
Who can submit a nomination? You can nominate yourself or a colleague at your company, or someone you know from another UN Global Compact participating company. That individual will then be contacted to ensure their willingness to be considered and the accuracy of the submitted information.
What are the “SDGs”? In September 2015, all 193 Member states of the United Nations adopted a plan for achieving a better future for all – laying out a path over the next 15 years to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and protect our planet. At the heart of the “Agenda 2030” are 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 related targets that address the most important economic, social, environmental and governance challenges of our time. To learn more about how companies are taking steps to contribute to achieving the SDGs visit the UN Global Compact website.
How do I nominate myself / someone who I think is doing great work? Please complete the online submission form, which is available here. To nominate someone, click here.
My organization is doing great work. Can it be nominated? No, the SDG Pioneers campaign highlights the work of individuals, not organizations.
What is the nomination deadline? The nomination deadline is Sunday 14th April.
Selection Process
How will the SDG Pioneers be selected? A multi-stakeholder SDG Pioneers Selection Group will vote on the nominees. The SDG Pioneers Selection Group will be comprised of representatives from: the Global Network Council, UN Agencies, PRME Champions and civil society representatives from the UN Global Compact Board.
How and when will I be notified if I was selected? SDG Pioneers will be informed of their selection by early August. Due to the volume of nominations received, we may be unable to contact nominees who are not selected.
How will the SDG Pioneers be recognized? What will I receive if selected? The SDG Pioneers will be announced and celebrated at [insert event name and date]. The SDG Pioneers will receive visibility and be recognized for the great work that they have done to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.
I have more questions. Who can I contact? Please email cynthia.adebiyi-yekinni@unglobalcompact.org.uk with any additional questions.