Climate change presents an enormous threat to both our planet and all those that inhabit it. While the world's poorest countries and communities are most vulnerable to climate-related disasters, climate change will impact us all, threatening the stability of the global economy and sustainable development.

Despite the challenges presented by climate change, addressing it opens new opportunities to create a greener, more sustainable, and prosperous planet. We have the technology and knowledge to deliver meaningful climate action and limit the worst impacts of climate change. It is clear that the climate movement is building - we are seeing collective action at the grassroots level continue to grow, governments setting net-zero emissions targets, and now more than 900 companies committing to set science-based emissions reduction targets. Now is the time to take even bolder, more decisive action to ensure the transition to a low-carbon economy is just and fair, securing a sustainable future for all.

The United Nations Global Compact Network UK's Climate Action Programme aims to support businesses on their journey to a low-carbon economy. Businesses are an integral part of society and they have an essential role to play in the fight against climate change. Businesses are responsible for significant amounts of global greenhouse gas emissions; however, they are also well equipped and well-placed to drive innovation on reducing emissions and build a better future. Businesses already taking climate action have shown there are numerous benefits to be recognised - these include reduced operating costs; increased resource efficiency; enhanced reputation; greater access to capital; and improved resilience.

This year, the team will be encouraging companies to set ambitious targets for their carbon emissions reductions through the Business Ambition for 1.5°C initiative. Companies setting science-based targets show their commitment to limiting average global warming to 1.5°C and avoiding the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

We will be delivering a range of activities throughout the year covering topics such as:

  • Science-based targets 
  • The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) 
  • Sustainable finance 
  • Transitioning to net zero 
  • Building business climate resilience  
  • Scope 3 emissions 
  • Just Transition 

We welcome suggestions if there is anything you would like to see us cover in our Climate Action Programme. Please email:

COP 26 Confirmed Dates: 1st - 12th November 2021

Glasgow will host the United Nations Framework Convention on
Climate Change's (UNFCCC) 26th 'Conference of the Parties' (COP26).

The UNFCCC entered into force in 1994. The 197 countries that have ratified the convention are called 'Parties to the Convention'. Preventing dangerous human interference with the climate system is the ultimate aim of the UNFCCC. It binds member states to act in the interest of human safety, even in the face of scientific uncertainty. The ultimate objective of the convention is to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations 'at a level that would prevent dangerous, anthropogenic (human-induced) interference with the climate system'. It also states that, 'such a level should be achieved within a timeframe sufficient to allow ecosystems to adapt naturally to climate change, to insure that food production is not threatened, and to enable economic develpment to proceed in a sustainable manner'.

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Initiatives Led by United Nations Global Compact Headquarters

Learn more about the climate initiatives led by United Nations Global Compact Headquarters in New York below:

Uniting Business and Governments to Recover Better - Since its launch on 18 May 2020, 170+ Companies with a combined market capitalization of over US$ 2.4 trillion and representing over 5 million employees have signed a statement urging governments to align their COVID-19 economic aid and recovery efforts with the latest climate science. CEOs are invited to continue indicating their support by completing this online form.

Caring for Climate - Mobilizing a critical mass of business leaders to implement climate change solutions and help shape public policy, Caring for Climate is the world's largest initiative for business leadership on climate change with over 400 companies from 60 countries.

Business Ambition for 1.5°C - An urgent call to action, led by a global coalition of UN agencies, business, and industry leaders. The UN Global Compact is calling on companies to commit to ambitious emissions reduction targets through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Business Ambition for Climate and Health Action Platform - Accelerate ambitious climate action and explore what the climate-health nexus means for business in order to become a catalyst for country-level action to deliver on the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Goals (SDGs).

Global Impact Initiative: Climate Ambition Accelerator - A six-month programme designed to equip companies with the knowledge and skills they need to accelerate progress towards setting science-based emissions reduction targets aligned with the 1.5℃ pathway. 

In addition, the UN Global Compact has created a number of COVID-19 briefings detailing the impact of the pandemic on a range of sustainability issue areas including climate. Each briefing includes a variety of resources to help companies Build Back Better and Recover Stronger.

Latest from the UNFCCC

✍️🏿Register now for the Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week 2021! | #ClimateWeekLAC

@CarolaSchmidtZ and @AlokSharma_RDG call on all Parties to raise their ambition through the #ClimateAmbitionAlliance as part of ensuring the success of @COP26.

We must all act with purpose and urgency in line with science and informed by equity.

Ahead of this year’s @UN Climate Conference #COP26 in Glasgow, the President of that conference and the President of the 2019 #COP25 meeting are urging countries to follow through on commitments made under the #ClimateAmbitionAlliance, or to join it.


🌡️As heatwaves increase in their frequency & length, the demand for sustainable cooling solutions keeps growing.

Tune in live today (16:00 CEST), as @SEforALLorg releases an update on global progress towards delivering cooling for all. #ItsPossible

This week, Environment ministers from around the world will gather for the Petersberg Climate Dialogue to prepare for the UN Climate Change Conference #COP26 in Glasgow. Follow the virtual event live 6 and 7 May, organized by @bmu and @COP26 #PCD12

We have technologies to transition to 100% clean energy and prevent the worst impacts of climate change. What we need now are the right policies and adequate finance. #ItsPossible (video via @wef)

🚨 5 days left ...

... to apply for the 2021 UN Global Climate Action Awards & have a chance to bring your project to #COP26 🏆

Apply online:

🌍 Registration is open!

Register now for the next sessions of Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week 2021. #ClimateWeekLAC

🗓️11 - 14 May

Innovative technology key to #ClimateAction.

Read about the outomes of recent UN Climate Change #ClimateTech meetings and ongoing RD&D of various climate technologies in sectors such as energy supply, agriculture and water management:

🌍 What is green hydrogen? And can it play a bigger role in the full transition to clean energy?

🔗Our #ClimateAction blog has the answers:

⚠️ Don’t miss out! ⚠️

You have until 9 May to apply to the @UN Global #ClimateAction Awards at

Share your Climate Solution with the world at #COP26!


Ocean action is #ClimateAction!

A new UN Climate Change report highlights the need to include ocean protection in national climate plans:

Registration is open for the Virtual Thematic Sessions of Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week 2021:

More information, including on high-level participation, will follow next week #ClimateWeekLAC

Deforestation has increased dramatically over the past 50 years, with about 18 million acres of forest being lost every year.

To preserve the vital role of forests in protecting biodiversity & absorbing CO2, we must halt their destruction.

🌍 This @NASA animation shows how temperature anomalies have shifted over the past 70 years.

⚡️ This year, countries must describe the actions they plan to take in the next decade to halt this trend & limit global average temperature rise to 1.5°C #COP26

#ItsPossible | @COP26

We need net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 to acheive the temperature goals of the Paris Agreement.

And we need credible benchmarks for success, plus clear interim targets. The @UN's #RacetoZero campaign has strengthened and clarified its criteria

Following a decade of fast growth, electric vehicles (EVs) are set to become a more common sight on the world’s roads in the 2020s. #ItsPossible

Read the Global EV Outlook by the @IEA here:

Uganda, host of 2021 #AfricaClimateWeek (15-18 June) has demonstrated climate leadership by passing important climate legislation (via @XHNews)

In 14 cities across the Netherlands, all deliveries must be made in electric vehicles from 2025. #ItsPossible

Video via @wef.

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Latest from UK COP26

Demand for critical minerals is set to soar as the world pursues net zero goals, our new @IEA report shows.

The energy sector’s needs for minerals could rise by as much as 6 times by 2040. Insufficient supplies would risk delays & extra costs.

More ➡️

Ahead of #COP26, world leaders must raise their climate ambition 🌏

That's why @COP25CL President @CarolaSchmidtZ and I are calling on all countries to follow through on commitments made under the Climate Ambition Alliance, or to join our efforts now

The latest stats from @SMMT show there are now over 500,000 ultra-low emission vehicles being driven on roads across the country. ⚡ 🚘

Find out more about our plans for a greener transport future 👉
#BuildBackGreener #NetZero

The UK and India have agreed to take ambitious action on #ClimateChange ahead of #COP26.


⚡ Collaborating on clean energy & green hydrogen
🌳 A new partnership on forests
🌏 Developing resilient infrastructure for climate vulnerable countries


The programme for @ClimateExp0 is online and registration is open! 📢

🗓️ 17-21 May
🔍 5 themes
🗣️ 200+ speakers
💻 Online, free and open to all

Learn more and register 👇

#TogetherForOurPlanet 🌏

#COP26 | #COP26Universities

The future of the road transport sector is clear. And that future is zero emissions 🌏

Delighted to open the satellite event for #pcd12 on Breakthroughs in the #RaceToZero Emissions Vehicles, alongside @topnigel, ministers and automotive industry leaders

We’re delighted to welcome Cambodia to the #HACforNatureandPeople and the #GlobalOceanAlliance in support of global targets to protect at least 30% of the ocean and of land by 2030 🌊🌳 Welcome aboard! #30by30 @HACfornaturean1

Working together to accelerate the development of clean energy and transport, protect biodiversity and help developing countries adapt to the impact of climate change.


This week, Environment ministers from around the world will gather for the Petersberg Climate Dialogue to prepare for the UN Climate Change Conference #COP26 in Glasgow. Follow the virtual event live 6 and 7 May, organized by @bmu and @COP26 #PCD12

We discussed ongoing cooperation on COVID-19 pandemic and reiterated commitment to ambitious climate action to meet Paris goals in the run-up to COP26.

The UK and India have agreed to take ambitious action on #ClimateChange ahead of #COP26.


⚡ Collaborating on clean energy & green hydrogen
🌳 A new partnership on forests
🌏 Developing resilient infrastructure for climate vulnerable countries


I am sorry to hear of the loss of Estebancio Castro-Díaz - an influential indigenous leader who will be remembered for his commitment to indigenous rights, biodiversity and tropical forests - work that will be taken forward in #COP26. Condolences to his friends and family.

On 6 and 7 May, Minister @SvenjaSchulze68 and @AlokSharma_RDG will be co-hosting the high-level-segment of #PCD12. The conference is complemented and extended by a broad supporting programme, which you can follow live. @COP26

A pleasure hosting an engaging discussion with Danish youth and civil society representatives to learn more about their climate priorities both in Denmark and globally 🇩🇰

And many thanks to @EHopkinsFCDO and @dkClimateAmb Tomas Anker for co-chairing 👍

#COP26 | #ClimateAction

As Adaptation & Resilience Champion for @cop26 I’m keen to see on-the-ground examples of action and I’m thrilled to be visiting some exciting projects in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 at the forefront of our fight to tackle #ClimateChange @AlokSharma_RDG @DominicRaab

Why is it important that Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) address gender equality?

Find out by reading this short brief on gender-responsive NDCs 👇

#TogetherForOurPlanet 🌏

#ActOnGap | #COP26 | @WGC_Climate

Join us from 12.30 – 2pm CEST today as we explore the transition to Zero Emissions Vehicles, and the role of the ambition loop – the relationship between government and business - in driving that transition.

Register now:


Over half of global🌍 GDP has a high or moderately high dependency on nature.

2021 provides the opportunity to translate the growing political ambition #ForNature into real commitments & a decade of action.

#ClimateAction #GenerationRestoration

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