Climate Action Programme

Climate change presents an enormous threat to both our planet and all those that inhabit it. While the world's poorest countries and communities are most vulnerable to climate-related disasters, climate change will impact us all, threatening the stability of the global economy and sustainable development.

Despite the challenges presented by climate change, addressing it opens new opportunities to create a greener, more sustainable, and prosperous planet. We have the technology and knowledge to deliver meaningful climate action and limit the worst impacts of climate change. It is clear that the climate movement is building - we are seeing collective action at the grassroots level continue to grow, governments setting net-zero emissions targets, and now more than 850 companies committing to set science-based emissions reduction targets. Now is the time to take even bolder, more decisive action to ensure the transition to a low-carbon economy is just and fair, securing a sustainable future for all.

The United Nations Global Compact Network UK's Climate Action Programme aims to support businesses on their journey to a low-carbon economy. Businesses are an integral part of society and they have an essential role to play in the fight against climate change. Businesses are responsible for significant amounts of global greenhouse gas emissions; however, they are also well equipped and well-placed to drive innovation on reducing emissions and build a better future. Businesses already taking climate action have shown there are numerous benefits to be recognised - these include reduced operating costs; increased resource efficiency; enhanced reputation; greater access to capital; and improved resilience.

This year, the team will be encouraging companies to set ambitious targets for their carbon emissions reductions through the Business Ambition for 1.5°C initiative. Companies setting science-based targets show their commitment to limiting average global warming to 1.5°C and avoiding the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

We will be delivering a range of activities throughout the year covering topics such as:

  • Science-based targets
  • The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Decarbonising logistics
  • Carbon offsets
  • Scope 3 Reporting
  • Renewable energy

We welcome suggestions if there is anything you would like to see us cover in our Climate Action Programme. Please email:

COP 26: POSTPONED TO 2021...
Glasgow will host the United Nations Framework Convention on
Climate Change's (UNFCCC) 26th 'Conference of the Parties' (COP26).

The UNFCCC entered into force in 1994. The 197 countries that have ratified the convention are called 'Parties to the Convention'. Preventing dangerous human interference with the climate system is the ultimate aim of the UNFCCC. It binds member states to act in the interest of human safety, even in the face of scientific uncertainty. The ultimate objective of the convention is to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations 'at a level that would prevent dangerous, anthropogenic (human-induced) interference with the climate system'. It also states that, 'such a level should be achieved within a timeframe sufficient to allow ecosystems to adapt naturally to climate change, to insure that food production is not threatened, and to enable economic develpment to proceed in a sustainable manner'.

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Latest from the UNFCCC

Join @UNDESA and @UNFCCC on Thursday, 28 May, for the first of three webinars on harnessing climate & #SDGs synergies for a better and stronger recovery from #COVID19.

Watch live 9-11:30 a.m. ET:

If you are a fan of Beethoven 🎻and of nature, tune in on 5 June to listen to top performances and statements in support of climate action.

More than 250 artists and orchestras will take part in the Beethoven Pastoral Project: #pastoralday

Together with @comesa_lusaka, we’re offering virtual training to help developing countries better prepare and submit new or updated climate action plans (#NDCs) in 2020 , central to achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement >>

Congrats to the winners & finalists of this year's #PulitzerPrizes who have received awards & nominations for reporting on environment & climate change. A record number of awards has gone to these categories, reflecting today's challenges & priorities

Groups representing 40 million health professionals 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️ are calling for a sustainable, green recovery from #COVID19 #HealthyRecovery

A series of online events starting 1st of June will maintain momentum in the @UN climate change process, showcase how climate action is progressing, and discuss how we can #recoverbetter from #COVID19.

Watch this space for updates!

👉🏾 #JuneMomentum

Health workers are at the frontline of the #COVID19 pandemic, working tirelessly to ensure that people receive the treatment they need.

Now millions of them have signed a letter with a simple message: We need a #HealthyRecovery from this crisis.


Algeria, which generates most of its electricity from natural gas, is ramping up power generation from #renewables for rising domestic use and export with plans to install up to US$3.6 billion worth of solar PV projects by 2024 >>

Battling #COVID19 is often compared to fighting a war - and after wars, successful leaders reimagine and build better futures for their people, write the heads of the @UN biodiversity, desertification and climate conventions:

To #RecoverBetter we need the #GlobalGoals to drive a just recovery and ensure no one is left behind. Today we join people and organizations across the 🌍 to start a colorful butterfly effect for #SolidarityinAction. Because we are #StrongerTogether🌈

📣 I am proud to announce a series of online events from June 1 to 10 (original dates of #SB52), to maintain momentum in the @UNFCCC process, organized under the leadership of our #SB Chairs, @MarianneKarlse5 and @tosimm. #JuneMomentum #ClimateAction

Ambitious #windpower plans in Denmark: Giant ‘energy islands’ to help cut national emissions by 70% within a decade and boost Europe’s current offshore wind capacity by 54% >>

Для расширения географического охвата тематики изменения климата и в ответ на растущий информационный спрос со стороны лиц, владеющих русским языком, - более 240 миллионов человек во всем 🌍- мы запустили русскоязычные версии веб-сайта и каналов в соцсетях!

As part of our efforts to expand the geographical reach of communications on #climatechange and respond to the rising demand for information, we are reaching out to 240 million Russian-speakers 🇷🇺 worldwide in their native language:

🇷🇼Congratulations Rwanda for submitting updated #NDC to @UNFCCC. Glad to see your commitment in paving the way towards a sustainable future, strengthened through the adoption of a quantitative BAU target and increased sectoral coverage of the #NDC.

Despite COVID-19, climate action under the @UN is not on hold. A series of online events in June will maintain momentum in the UNFCCC process and showcase how efforts to tackle climate change are progressing.

👉🏾 #JuneMomentum

🙏"Thank you Bonn" 🙏

The UN-organisations based in Bonn thank their host city and its inhabitants for the support during #COVID19

A series of online events in June will maintain momentum in the @UNFCCC process and showcase how #ClimateAction is progressing under the special circumstances the world is currently facing. Check out the details:

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Latest from UK COP26

WHO manifesto for a #HealthyRecovery from #COVID19 aligns with this resounding call to action from the world's health community

📷: Greenpeace/Vivek M.

We welcome Andorra's new commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. 🇦🇩 💪

As COP Presidency, we are calling on all countries to put forward their highest possible ambition to tackle #ClimateChange ahead of #COP26.

🌍 🌏 🌎



Are you interested in the role of #partnerships for sport and climate?

Well then check out all notes from yesterday's #SportPositive Twitter Chat from our community:

#greensports #sportsforclimateaction #sportsbiz #SDG17 #sportpartnerships

#BiodiversityDay may be over, but the message remains: our solutions are in #nature for the health of people & planet.

#ICYMI: Check out the messages sent to us from around the world to commemorate the event – all in one place, just for you👇

Over 40 million health professionals 🏥 have urged #G20 leaders to focus on a clean and resilient #COVID19 recovery that 👇

🔹 Reduces #AirPollution
🔹 Scales #RenewableEnergy
🔹 Reduces #GHG emissions

👉 🌍

#HealthyRecovery | #COP26 | #ClimateAction

Over 40 million health professionals 🏥 have urged #G20 leaders to focus on a clean and resilient #COVID19 recovery that 👇

🔹 Reduces #AirPollution
🔹 Scales #RenewableEnergy
🔹 Reduces #GHG emissions

👉 🌍

#HealthyRecovery | #COP26 | #ClimateAction

Excellent first (virtual) meeting with Vanuatu government. Great to hear about their plans to move to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Pacific states are directly impacted by climate change. Their voices in calling for urgent #ClimateAction will help ensure a successful #COP26

Karen Bell@KarenBell

Good first meeting between UK #COP26 Ambassador for Asia & #Pacific @kenofl & senior officials at #Vanuatu’s Ministry of #Climate Change. #Green recovery & finance for #adaptation on the agenda. And carbon saved through the magic of video conferencing.#BuildBackBetter

"Nature nurtures us. But do we nurture #nature?"

@PlantTreaty Secretary @kentnnadozie stresses the need for taking #biodiversity into account for a rapid and sustainable recovery from #COVID19.

Read his full message for #BiodiversityDay:

With CCLA we're investing £40m in the most innovative #cleangrowth start-ups.

This new fund will enable low-carbon solutions to scale up at speed, ensure the sector helps drive a green, resilient economic recovery & support our path to #NetZero.

"As we seek to #BuildBackBetter from the current crisis, let us work together to preserve #biodiversity so we can achieve our #SustainableDevelopmentGoals."

Watch @UN chief @antonioguterres' #BiodiversityDay message on how to enhance the #COVID19 recovery & reduce future risk.

As current COP 14 Presidency, #Egypt calls the world community to rally around a robust #Biodiversity2020 agreement.

Watch @EGY_Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad's special message for #BiodiversityDay.


As @COP26 President, the UK will work with SE Asia to build an inclusive vision on sustainable forests and land economy, to deliver real action on climate change & biodiversity loss while supporting livelihoods and creating new investment opportunities.


Great to see Rwanda submit an enhanced NDC at this time, giving quantified and detailed #ClimateAction targets. 🇷🇼

We look forward to working together to increase global #ClimateChange ambition ahead of #CHOGM and #COP26 next year. 🌍



Great to see Rwanda submit an enhanced NDC at this time, giving quantified and detailed #ClimateAction targets. 🇷🇼

We look forward to working together to increase global #ClimateChange ambition ahead of #CHOGM and #COP26 next year. 🌍



"Biodiversity can give us an insurance policy, Earth's own safety net to safeguard our survival"

For #BiodiversityDay on 22 May, learn more about what #biodiversity is, why it's important and how it is affected by human activity🌏


Fascinating ongoing Virtual Seminar led by @IRENA with @ASteiner @ThaniAlZeyoudi and Ministers from across Africa - how do we ensure that the economic recovery from #Covid_19 in Africa is both vigorous and clean? @PaulTArkwright will be busy thinking this through within #COP26


"Looking past #COVID19 we need economic growth and for economic growth we need power. The stimulus measures we decide up on in the next few months will either lock us in to low growth high carbon pathways or lead us into high-growth, low carbon pathways."—@JohnMurton

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Climate Action Programme