Climate change presents an enormous threat to both our planet and all those that inhabit it. While the world's poorest countries and communities are most vulnerable to climate-related disasters, climate change will impact us all, threatening the stability of the global economy and sustainable development.

Despite the challenges presented by climate change, addressing it opens new opportunities to create a greener, more sustainable, and prosperous planet. We have the technology and knowledge to deliver meaningful climate action and limit the worst impacts of climate change. It is clear that the climate movement is building - we are seeing collective action at the grassroots level continue to grow, governments setting net-zero emissions targets, and now more than 1200 companies committing to set science-based emissions reduction targets. Now is the time to take even bolder, more decisive action to ensure the transition to a low-carbon economy is just and fair, securing a sustainable future for all.

The United Nations Global Compact Network UK's Climate Action Programme aims to support businesses on their journey to a low-carbon economy. Businesses are an integral part of society and they have an essential role to play in the fight against climate change. Businesses are responsible for significant amounts of global greenhouse gas emissions; however, they are also well equipped and well-placed to drive innovation on reducing emissions and build a better future. Businesses already taking climate action have shown there are numerous benefits to be recognised - these include reduced operating costs; increased resource efficiency; enhanced reputation; greater access to capital; and improved resilience.

This year, the team will continue to  encourage companies to set ambitious targets for their carbon emissions reductions through through the Science-Based Targets initiative’s Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign. Companies setting science-based targets show their commitment to limiting average global warming to 1.5°C and avoiding the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

We will be delivering a range of activities throughout the year covering topics such as:

  • Science-based targets 
  • The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) 
  • Scope 3 emissions
  • Climate and human rights 
  • Nature-based solutions and natural capital
  • Sustainable finance 

We welcome suggestions if there is anything you would like to see us cover in our Climate Action Programme. Please email:

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Initiatives Led by United Nations Global Compact Headquarters

Learn more about the climate initiatives led by United Nations Global Compact Headquarters in New York below:

Uniting Business and Governments to Recover Better - Since its launch on 18 May 2020, 170+ Companies with a combined market capitalization of over US$ 2.4 trillion and representing over 5 million employees have signed a statement urging governments to align their COVID-19 economic aid and recovery efforts with the latest climate science. CEOs are invited to continue indicating their support by completing this online form.

Caring for Climate - Mobilizing a critical mass of business leaders to implement climate change solutions and help shape public policy, Caring for Climate is the world's largest initiative for business leadership on climate change with over 400 companies from 60 countries.

Business Ambition for 1.5°C - An urgent call to action, led by a global coalition of UN agencies, business, and industry leaders. The UN Global Compact is calling on companies to commit to ambitious emissions reduction targets through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Business Ambition for Climate and Health Action Platform - Accelerate ambitious climate action and explore what the climate-health nexus means for business in order to become a catalyst for country-level action to deliver on the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Goals (SDGs).

Global Impact Initiative: Climate Ambition Accelerator - A six-month programme designed to equip companies with the knowledge and skills they need to accelerate progress towards setting science-based emissions reduction targets aligned with the 1.5℃ pathway. 

In addition, the UN Global Compact has created a number of COVID-19 briefings detailing the impact of the pandemic on a range of sustainability issue areas including climate. Each briefing includes a variety of resources to help companies Build Back Better and Recover Stronger.

Latest from the UNFCCC

The #StateOfClimate report points to a simple truth:
Incremental progress is not enough. We need transformational #ClimateAction NOW.
I therefore welcome the energy actions set out by @antonioguterres today. They are an example for the ambition needed ahead of #COP27.

Responding to today's #StateOfClimate report, @antonioguterres has outlined a five-point plan to jump-start the transition to renewable energy.

"Because without renewables, there can be no future."

According the new #StateOfClimate report by the @WMO, these 4 climate indicators all set new records in 2021:

⚠️ greenhouse gas concentrations
⚠️ sea level rise
⚠️ ocean heat
⚠️ ocean acidification

We need transformational #ClimateAction now.

I am very pleased to participate in the launching event of the Glasgow-Sharm el-Sheikh work program on the Global Goal on Adaptation, hosted by @MoEnvmv in Maldives.

A crucial moment to frame the objectives and to provide political direction to the technical work ahead.


⏰ Starting now ⏰

Watch #COP26 President @AlokSharma_RDG live from Glasgow as he marks 6 months until the #COP27 summit 📺


The #COP26 and @Cop27P Presidencies hosted the May Ministerial on 12-13 May.

Over 40 ministers from around the world came together in Denmark to:

📈 Accelerate action on the implementation of the #GlasgowClimatePact

🇪🇬 Drive ambition ahead of #COP27

Watch the highlights 👇

As the #MayMinisterial comes to a close, the @hlcchampions reflect on the urgent need for non-State actors to help governments in implementing the #ParisAgreement.

Here are their key takeaways:

@COP26 #COP27 @Cop27P

🌍 Turning the #ParisAgreement into reality

Addressing media on the final day of the May Ministerial meeting in Copenhagen, @PEspinosaC called on countries to raise ambition this year and deliver on the commitments made at #COP26 in Glasgow.

From the ministerial meeting in Copenhagen 🇩🇰

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary @PEspinosaC explains how - this year - nations must build on the progress made at #COP26 and start turning the #ParisAgreement into reality in their home countries.

Mark your calendar! The dates for this year’s Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week have just been announced:

📅 18-22 July 2022
📍 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Full details 👇


"We need your political plans, decisions and actions NOW."

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary @PEspinosaC speaking at the ministerial meeting in Copenhagen today.

#ClimateChange | #ClimateAction | #COP27

The Copenhagen Ministerial co-chaired by @COP26 & @COP27P Presidencies provides a timely opportunity to follow up on the progress of the implementation of #COP26 commitments & reflect on what more needs to be done before COP 27.

📸Ministry of Climate, Energy & Utilities Denmark


Today and tomorrow, the UK 🇬🇧 and Egypt 🇪🇬 are co-chairing a ministerial meeting in Copenhagen.

Ministers from more than 40 countries are discussing how to follow up on progress made at #COP26 and accelerate the shift to #ParisAgreement implementation.

Pleasure to discuss the state of #ClimateAction with media in #Copenhagen today.  

My message was clear: Transformational decisions need to be made this decade to keep the 1.5C goal alive.

2022 must be a year of acceleration - not delay. #COP27

Unsustainable agriculture and soil management practices are major drivers of desertification & drought.

That’s why @PEspinosaC called on countries to submit detailed plans about how they intend to build resilience to desertification and climate change.


Rising sea levels caused by climate change can conjure up images of flooded cities and economic collapse.

How quickly are sea levels rising, what’s being done about it, and what sort of future can we expect?

Read our latest blog post 👇 to find out.

There is a 50:50 chance the annual average global temperature will temporarily reach 1.5°C above the pre-industrial level for at least 1 of the next 5 years: @WMO.

⚠️ A sobering reminder why more ambitious climate action is urgently needed. ⚠️

On 9 May 1992, the UN Framework Convention on #ClimateChange was adopted.

Today the 🌍 has:

✔️ The historic #ParisAgreement
✔️ A full set of rules to implement it

Now it's time to make this progress count. It's time for a transformational decade of #ClimateAction.

With Costa Rica’s submission, 35 countries have now submitted National Adaptation Plans, setting out how they plan to increase #resilience to #ClimateChange.

I call on all countries that haven't submitted yet to do so ahead of #COP27.

Find more here:

The #fashion industry contributes to between 2-4% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2018, the Fashion Industry Charter was set up to drive the industry to net-zero emissions no later than 2050.

But what exactly is the fashion charter? Find out in our #ClimateAction blog 👇

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Latest from High-Level Climate Champions

@UNenvoyMM at the closing of #GH2Assembly

Talking about a holistic approach to addressing climate change, shifting from pledges to implementation, importance of regionalisation, localising the climate agenda & the need for finance to flow

@hlcchampions @gh2org

There is an urgent need to increase access to safe & clean water, and to reduce exposure to water-related hazards in African cities.

Find out how #ClimateRisks can be translated into investable opportunities for building #ClimateResilience.

Full article:

"Fossil fuels are a dead end — environmentally and economically."

-- @antonioguterres calls for 5 essential actions to accelerate the transition to renewables, says global energy system bringing world ever closer to climate catastrophe. #ClimateAction

Great to be at @Africities9 - highlighting the @hlcchampions' mandate to drive non-state actor momentum to address #ClimateChange challenges.

On the momentous occasion of being held in #Africa, #COP27 shall have a clear focus on Africa.

Ukraine and Russia account for 30% of global wheat & barley exports, & nearly 70% of our sunflower oil.

As the conflict rages & sanctions escalate, @rabah_arezki & @UNenvoyMM explore the far reaching consequences to food & energy prices. #DevMatters

Across 86 countries, the wealthiest 10% of people consume around 20 times more energy than the poorest 10%. Power for All explains how we deliver more equitable energy solutions, faster ⚡️

@UmemeLtd @Power4All2025 @SEforALLorg

“The dramatic increase in shipping industry engagement is encouraging, but achieving the goals remains a formidable challenge. There is no time to lose,” say @glmforum CEO @christensenjo & @hlcchampions Shipping Lead @KP_LR in a joint op-ed ➡

The Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance (AGHA) launches at the #GH2Assembly. The alliance was catalyzed by @hlcchampions (@UNenvoyMM & @topnigel) with support from @AfDB_Group @ECA_OFFICIAL @gh2org.

AGHA exemplifies Africa's GH2 ambition & the regions multilateralism at its finest!

We're so thrilled that the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance just launched at #GH2Assembly! @hlcchampions @topnigel @UNenvoyMM @TurnbullMalcolm @ErikSolheim @AfDB_Group @ECA_OFFICIAL #Egypt #Kenya #Mauritania #Morocco #Namibia #SouthAfrica


6 months on from @COP26, President @AlokSharma_RDG highlights the urgency to deliver on the commitments made in the #GlasgowClimatePact, as he reflects on the achievements and next steps towards #ClimateAction 🌏

Find out more about the #RaceToZero:

New #CarbonBankroll research shows that for many of the world's largest companies, their largest emissions source is corporate cash💸 It's also their most powerful lever for #ClimateAction 🌍

See the report and 10 solutions to decarbonize finance.

Our last panel at the main plenary this morning with @topnigel, Dr. Sherien Fekry of 🇪🇬, @LaurenceTubiana and Ghislain Irakoze of 🇷🇼 on bringing the #SDG7 agenda at @Cop27P!


Today, the Glasgow-Sharm el-Sheikh work programme on the Global Goal on Adaptation was launched with an event hosted by @MoEnvmv in the Maldives 🇲🇻

Swipe to learn more about how countries at #COP26 made progress on adaptation ➡️

“This is a critical juncture in time, where leaders have the opportunity to step up and shift from summits to solutions with the urgency that the situation demands.” Read the @hlcchampions statement 6 months on from #COP26

#RaceToResilience #RaceToZero

📢TODAY 08:45am BST / 09:45am CAT: Join @hlcchampions' @topnigel at the #SEforALLForum session, "Glasgow – New York - Sharm El-Sheikh: Driving Action on the Road to #COP27" on a just and fair clean #EnergyTransition.

Register to join @SEforALLorg👇

"We have to be clear that the lack of access to clean cooking is not a woman's problem but it has a clear gender dimension" - @MyriamFerran, @EU_Partnerships at the #SEforALLForum.

Registration is open here:

#SDG7 #SDG7BeBold @SEforALLorg @DamilolaSDG7

No se pierdan el primer webinario de #Scale_for_Resilience mañana a las 16:30 CET con @BiovIntCIAT_esp, @GAWACapital y @YAPU_Solutions. Todos los webinars son en español y gratuitos.
Inscríbase aquí:

@hlcchampions #race2resilience

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