SDG Flag Campaign 2023

A global movement working #TogetherForTheSDGs

On 25 September, it was eight years since the world adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The need for action on the Goals is now greater than ever.

To raise awareness of the SDGs and showcase your organisation’s contributions, we invited you to be part of a global movement working #TogetherForTheSDGs and join our SDG Flag campaign.

In 2022 we brought the campaign to the UK for the first time and saw 200 SDG flags from 97 organisations raised across the UK by businesses, charities, civil society organisations, and schools. This year, we sold over 450 flags!

We hoped that by raising an SDG Flag, organisations displayed their commitment to the Global Goals and the action that they’re already taking to combat major global challenges including climate change, gender inequality, poverty, and poor work. With only 1 in 10 people in Britain familiar with the SDGs, raising the SDG flag is essential to mobilise stakeholders for action.

Click here to see our Executive Director, Steve Kenzie, explain the importance of SDG Flag Day, thanks to some help from the Smiley Movement.

Click below to see where the FLAGS were flown on September 25th!

Over 650+ SDG flags were flown across the UK on the eighth anniversary of the adoption of the
Sustainable Development Goals!


For any questions, please contact Lily Venables, Project Manager, Governance and SDGs