Anti-Corruption Collective Action

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Tied to Principle Ten of the UN Global Compact Ten Principles

The Tenth Principle of the United Nations Global Compact calls upon businesses to work against corruption in all its forms, including bribery and extortion. The UN Global Compact encourages businesses to develop policies and programmes to tackle the issue, and Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals — specifically target 16.5 — reinforces this call to governments and businesses alike.

One company’s actions, while critical, are not enough to end corruption. Companies must join forces with governments, community-based organisations, NGOs, and other businesses to collaborate against corruption.

Through anti-corruption Collective Action projects, businesses, Governments, and civil society can level the playing field and raise anti-corruption and compliance standards within their organisations as well as collectively.

Collective Action allows companies to:

  • Create deeper understanding of corruption issues
  • Consolidate knowledge and financial and technical resources to achieve a greater impact
  • Create solutions that are perceived as more credible, acceptable and are more sustainable
  • Help ensure fair competition and a level playing field for all stakeholders
  • Create a more stable and enabling business environment
  • Complement existing anti-corruption efforts in vulnerable regions and sectors, where industry or government-led regulations are not robust.

The UN Global Compact Network UK is currently developing a European Anti-Corruption Collective Action Initiative for 2024/2025. The initiative will include a mixture of workshops, learning tools and resources, high-level dialogues, public commitments and roadmap reports, to help companies coordinate their anti-corruption efforts and act collectively to mitigate corruption risks.

If you are interested in joining the European Anti-Corruption Collective Action Initiative, register your interest.


More Resources

Report: Uniting against Corruption: A Playbook on Anti-Corruption Collective Action

If you have any questions about our anti-corruption programming, please contact Erin Sharpe, Governance & SDGs Project Manager.