Business Sector Exchange: Fashion

10% of global CO₂ emissions are attributed to the fashion industry. In the UK alone, one million tonnes of textiles are disposed of every year. Garment workers across the world systemically earn below a living wage, and modern slavery is rife within supply chains. When it comes to sustainability, the fashion sector continues to lag. To catch up with other sectors, businesses need support to anticipate changing regulations and adapt effectively. Yet the everchanging ESG landscape and new reporting requirements mean businesses lack the necessary time and funding to act.

The UN Global Compact Network UK will mobilise the fashion industry towards sustainable impact, including through its partnerships with leading organisations across the fashion industry to unify the sector including Common Objective and the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion. 

On-demand Content

To educate your workforce, supply chain, and wider stakeholders on the need and means to transform, our on-demand sessions will bring together new and existing content to be a one-stop-shop for ESG learning in the fashion sector. Expect to hear case studies and interviews from leaders in the space, as well as guidelines, training sessions, and toolkits to accelerate and nurture sustainability.

Regenerative Fashion: Moving from circularity to regeneration

Textile Transparency: Enhancing transparency in the fashion sector

Reporting: The changing reporting landscape

Decent and Safe Work: Operationalising SDG 8

Fashion Sector Exchange

Tuesday 2nd July, 2pm to 6pm BST
Soho Works, 180 Strand, London WC2R 3DA

Our Fashion Sector Exchange is an opportunity to mobilise key stakeholders across the fashion industry for the Business Sector Exchanges. Attendees will join business, government, academia, and civil society representatives to gain a better understanding of current sustainability issues, hear best practices from businesses that are ahead of the curve, and inspire action through networking with peers.

Key themes include:

  • Slow vs fast fashion
  • Disruption in supply chains
  • What’s next in sustainable fashion

For more information please contact Lily Venables, Governance and SDGs Project Manager.