Circular Economy Working Group

To assist Network participants with implementing the principles of a circular economy into their business operations and broader value chain. Topics covered in this group may include*:

  • Circular economy metrics – Support companies to adopt the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)
  • Emerging legislation – Focus on the implication of ‘simpler recycling’ for businesses and how it will work with emerging extended producer responsibility legislation.
  • Industrial symbiosis - Explore case studies showcasing how companies and industries can work together to maximise the outputs that can be generated by resources, saving money, and reducing consumption.
  • Financing circular economy initiatives – Discussion on available capital and innovative finance models needed to support the transition into new circular business models.

Eligibility and Fees

Working group membership is open to UN Global Compact Network UK participants only and is subject to a £450+VAT fee per group. Spaces are limited for each group and participation is subject to approval of the UK Network.

*The topics above will be reviewed on an ad hoc basis and tailored to meet participants’ needs. Additional meetings may be scheduled where appropriate, based on demand.


For more information on how to join the Circular Economy Working Group and the 2024 meeting dates, please contact Robert Mitton, Environmental Sustainability Senior Project Manager.

Working group participation is only open to members of the UN Global Compact. Click here to learn the benefits of membership or contact Candy Telani Anton, Head of Impact if you have any questions; our team are happy to help.