How to Join the UN Global Compact &
the Global Compact Network UK


As a voluntary initiative, the UN Global Compact seeks wide participation from a diverse group of businesses and other organisations. To participate in the UN Global Compact, an organisation must prepare a Letter of Commitment from the Chief Executive Officer (and endorsed by the board) to the UN Secretary-General expressing support for the UN Global Compact and its principles. Click here for more information and a link to the UN Global Compact website.


Global Compact Participants and Signatories at the global level are eligible to join the UN Global Compact Network UK (see above). Upon becoming a UN Global Compact Participant or Signatory, UK Network membership is either automatically included or optional. UK Network membership is automatically included and without any additional fees for:

  • All UN Global Compact Participants;
  • UN Global Compact Business Signatories with above $50million annual turnover.

UK Network membership is optional and subject to a UK Network fee for:

  • UN Global Compact Business Signatories with below $50million annual turnover;
  • Subsidiaries of companies that pay the required annual contribution in another country;
  • UN Global Compact Non-Business Signatories.

For more details, including fees, please click here. If your UK Network membership is automatically included, please send us the following information at

  • Full contact details for the day-to-day contact(s) in the organisation;
  • Names and email addresses for anyone in your organisation that you would like to receive our monthly newsletter;
  • Short description of your organisation (50 words) and your logo;
  • Permission (or not) to announce your membership on our website, newsletter and twitter.

If your UK Network membership is not automatically included and you would like to join, please contact us at: We will ask you to provide the same information and your invoicing address. Click here to see the benefits of joining the UK Network. Please feel free to contact the Secretariat if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can consult our FAQ.

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