Environment Programme

Businesses are facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty, complexity, and risk due to climate change, biodiversity loss, and water scarcity. This uncertainty is driven by a broad range of physical and transition risks such as supply chain disruption, price volatility, resource scarcity, damaged or stranded assets, and increased operating costs. Companies must navigate this complex environment, balancing regulatory compliance, reputational and litigation risk, and changing stakeholder expectations from investors, customers, consumers, and employees.

Companies that actively address these challenges will be best placed to strategically manage risks, whilst positioning themselves to take advantage of the many opportunities a green transition will bring: new market opportunities, talent acquisition, increased resource efficiency, enhanced reputation, greater access to capital, reduced operating costs, and improved resilience.

As a signatory to the 2015 Paris Agreement and 2022 Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, the UK Government has set clear targets for net zero and nature. The business sector, as a driver of innovation and behaviour change, has a critical role to play in unlocking progress.

There is a growing need for businesses to be able to identify and address their impacts across climate, nature, and water, whilst simultaneously mitigating and adapting to build operational resilience. And many businesses will need to transform to some or a great extent, rather than merely adapt, to successfully navigate a net zero transition.

The UN Global Compact Network UK’s Environment Programme aims to support businesses of all sizes and all sectors, at all stages of their journey to a low-carbon economy. We provide resources and training on how to get started across climate, nature, and water, set ambitious science-based targets, establish action-oriented transition plans, build effective disclosure and reporting, and successfully advocate for a supportive business policy environment.

In 2024, we will be hosting an extensive programme of webinars throughout the year covering topics such as:

  • Environment Essentials on Climate, Nature & Water
  • Science-Based Target Setting
  • Addressing Energy-Related Emissions
  • Business Adaptation & Resilience
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Net Zero Business Transformation
  • Corporate Climate Advocacy

Members can also participate in a range of additional engagement opportunities, including Q&A Surgeries, Working Groups, and a range of training programmes. To find out more about becoming a UN Global Compact Network UK member, click here.

For further information on any of our environment programmes or to share any suggestions about anything you would like us to cover, please email: sarah.cook@unglobalcompact.org.uk.


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Sarah Cook
Head of Environment