Climate & Human Rights

Climate change is rapidly becoming recognised as a human rights issue. The impacts of rising average global temperatures and the transition to net zero pose a serious risk to human rights such as the right to life, housing, clean water and sanitation, food, decent employment, and health.

Businesses are increasingly expected to respect and fulfil human rights, and adapt and address climate-related risks. Addressing these in silos risks unintended consequences. For example, transitioning to electric vehicles, and the mining for the metals required for the batteries could lead to increasing violations of land rights and cases of modern slavery. Companies must therefore consider these impacts together to minimise their business risks and improve business resilience.

The UN Global Compact Network UK’s Climate and Human Rights workstream aims to support businesses in ensuring that they fulfil their human rights and climate responsibilities throughout their operations and in their supply chains, working towards SDGs 8 and 13.

Our programming includes:

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