Sustainable Finance Collaboration Labs

It is estimated that between $5-7 trillion annual investment is needed to achieve the SDGs by 2030. The private sector has both an opportunity and a key role to play in mobilising capital at greater pace and scale to solve urgent, globally-connected challenges.

To dramatically increase the volume SDG-aligned investments and SDG-linked finance, the United Nations Global Compact aims to tap into the US $17 trillion in annual corporate investments.

The UN Global Compact Network UK is launching a series of Sustainable Finance Collaboration Labs (C- Lab) to help member companies align corporate investment to their SDG policies and strategies, identify mutual interests, and uncover opportunities for collaboration and impact.

In this series of workshops and round-table events, we will develop solutions and opportunities for companies to align corporate finance with the Sustainable Development Goals. Attendees will hear from experts about innovative sustainable finance strategies, and work closely to align on mutual interests, generating ideas for future collaboration and shaping solutions for impact.

Sessions will be held online throughout the year with opportunities for in-person collaboration.

For more information, please contact Billie Armstrong, Project Manager, Governance & SDGs.