UN Global Compact Logo Policy

The UN Global Compact Network UK cannot send or provide permission to use UN Global Compact logos.

Participants and Signatories that wish to use any UN Global Compact logo must seek permission in advance and in writing through the logo request system on the UN Global Compact Dashboard. They must demonstrate, on a sample version of their document, webpage, video, etc., where they would like the logo to appear.

Use of any UN Global Compact logo must be connected to the mission, principles, and/or activities of the initiative. Participants and Signatories found to be in breach of the UN Global Compact Logo Policy may face a non-communicating status, delisting or, legal proceedings.

Types of UN Global Compact Logos
The UN Global Compact encourages use of the following types of logos by its Signatories and Participants:

Endorser Logo

Participants and Signatories of the UN Global Compact are widely encouraged to express their support and commitment to the initiative by using the Endorser logo ("We Support the UN Global Compact") on their website and other relevant print materials.

To use the Endorser logo, a business/non-business organisation MUST:

  • Be an active UN Global Compact Participant/Signatory with an active COP/COE status
  • Select its engagement tier

Communication on Progress (COP) logo
A specialised version of the COP logo is available for Participants and Signatories to use in their COP without prior permission of the UN Global Compact. This can be downloaded for use here.

For more information about the conditions to use the UN Global Compact logos, please read the UN Global Compact Logo Policy.