About the UN Global Compact Network UK

The United Nations Global Compact is a global platform for business and non-business entities to proactively network and engage in areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. Participation in the UN Global Compact is a widely visible commitment to the implementation, disclosure, and promotion of its ten universal principles.

Local Networks, such as the UK Network, are clusters of UN Global Compact Participants and Signatories who come together to advance the UN Global Compact and its principles within a particular geographic context. Our role is to help organisations engage in the UN Global Compact with respect to implementation of the Ten Principles, and create opportunities for multi-stakeholder engagement and collective action.

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According to the United Nations Global Compact website:

On the ground, companies face unique challenges to operating responsibly and have different opportunities to make a positive impact. Companies with operations and supply chains extending around the world need to understand locations far from headquarters and view sustainability through a local lens.

Our Global Compact Local Networks advance the initiative and its Ten Principles at the country level. They help companies understand what responsible business means within different national, cultural and language contexts and facilitate outreach, learning, policy dialogue, collective action and partnerships. Through our networks, companies can make local connections – with other businesses and stakeholders from NGOs, government and academia – and receive guidance to put their sustainability commitments into action.

While Local Networks are independent, self-governed and self-managed entities, they work closely with the UN Global Compact in New York and act as a point of contact for UN Global Compact signatories in a country.

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