Acting on its fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, and anti-corruption, as well as its role as a leader in the business sector, the UN Global Compact Network UK is committed to being an anti-racist organisation, promoting anti-racism, and ensuring that the human rights of the Black community are respected and upheld through sustained action.

The essence of the Black Lives Matter movement is woven through the public commitments of UN Global Compact participants via our Ten Principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the Principles 1, 2, and 6 and the SDGs 8, 10, 16, and 17. The call to action on this agenda is not something new - it is simply a demand to live up to commitments that have already been made.


The historic discrimination against Black people in the workplace and the under-representation of Black people in positions of authority make this issue area a top priority for corporate action. To this end, we are calling upon all UN Global Compact participants to embed anti-racism into their behaviours, practices, and policies.

For more information on the corporate responsibility to eliminate all forms of racism, please visit the Anti-Racist Action for Business guide on the website of the UN Global Compact.

*Please note that the UN Global Compact Network UK is not affiliated with any political parties, groups, or campaigns in the UK or abroad.

BLM B series (UK Network logo only)


We organised the second part of our Black Lives Matter & Business webinar series during the spring/summer of 2021 to continue the conversations on how to eliminate systemic racism from business – this time focussing on the marketplace.

These webinars, sponsored by HSBC, explored themes related to the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement on ESG investing, products and services, marketing and communications, and supply chains.

BLM 9 March SK 1

In our latest briefing, we explain what steps businesses can take to be anti-racist and positively contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement. We identify key challenges, practical actions, and useful resources that can help solve the problem of systemic racism in the workplace and beyond. Based on our 2020 webinar series.


We organised the first part of our Black Lives Matter & Business webinar series during the autumn/winter of 2020 to help our stakeholders navigate the pressing issue of systemic racism in the workplace.

These webinars, sponsored by NatWest Group, brought together large audiences to hear a diverse group of experts share insights into how companies and individuals can combat racism and improve recruitment, retention, and advancement of Black talent. You can access the recordings of all 2020 Black Lives Matter & Business webinars here.



For any questions about the Black Lives Matter & Business project, please contact Karla Drpić, Project Manager (Business & Human Rights).