Business Sector Exchange

Helping you be ahead of the curve.

Sustainability has become a non-negotiable for business success, but expectations around sustainability are constantly evolving. Businesses need to anticipate major challenges and adapt accordingly. When faced with growing markets and increasing investor expectations, how can businesses cut through the noise and ensure the right issues are being prioritised?

Our 2024 Business Sector Exchanges take a sector–focused approach to sustainability by exploring emerging trends, upcoming regulations, and tailored industry content to help business be ahead of the curve.

For 2024, UN Global Compact Network UK will deep dive into fashion and food. The fashion and food industry are widely known for their ability to respond to trends, driven by consumer behaviour and brand uptake. As consumers push for sustainability, there is no doubt that the sectors are conscious of the need to change. The UN Global Compact Network UK will help to put that ambition into action.

How do I engage with the Business Sector Exchanges?

1.Training modules: Tailored on-demand content for companies in the fashion and food sectors to deepen sustainability knowledge throughout the internal businesses and within supply chains with eight modules covering a range of key ESG topics – includes guidelines, training sessions, toolkits and case studies to accelerate and nurture sustainability.

2. Networking events: Exclusive event per sector to mobilise key stakeholders for the Business Sector Exchange. Attendees will join business, government, academia, and civil society representatives to gain a better understanding of current sustainability issues, hear best practices from businesses that are ahead of the curve, and inspire action through networking with peers.

3. Next in Sustainability Report: End of year report anticipating emerging issues and actions for businesses in the fashion and food sectors to ensure they are ahead of the curve, building upon the content from the business exchanges

4. Amplifying impact through collaboration: Partnerships with multipliers that amplify the reach and mission of this programme.

For more information please contact Lily Venables, Governance and SDGs Project Manager.