SDG Showcase

How companies are contributing to achieving Agenda 2030

There has been a marked shift in SDG engagement across the business sector in recent years. Increased expectations from investors, regulators, employees, and customers have put significant pressure on companies to set and achieve ambitious corporate goals that tackle complex sustainability challenges, build business resilience, maintain short-term profits, and enable long-term growth.

Launched in 2015, Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the only universally agreed, common global agenda to create the sustainable future we want.

There are significant benefits for businesses incorporating the SDGs into their operations. New business opportunities through market differentiation, expansion, and growth, increased attractivity for employees, customers, and investors, better employee retention, supply chain resilience, and reduced costs through resource and operational efficiency are some of the positive effects SDG-aligned companies can expect. Furthermore, the SDGs – as the only universally agreed blueprint for a sustainable and prosperous future for all – can enable businesses to stay ahead of the curve, not least with rapidly changing ESG regulations.

However, with six years left to achieve Agenda 2030, the world is not on track to achieve the SDGs. We are at a critical moment, and the world must change course to put sustainable development back on track.

The SDG Showcase serves as a tool for businesses to assess material SDG impacts and showcases good practice examples of the private sector working with a clear plan to advance the SDGs for the future we all want.

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