Net Zero Business Transformation


Achieving a zero-carbon economy is one of the most significant challenges of our time, and it is more clear than ever that businesses must fundamentally transform if they are to decarbonise. It is an immense challenge, as it requires structural change throughout the organisation. But businesses that do not transform will be left behind. In order to meet stakeholder needs, maintain competitive advantage, and limit the most devastating impacts of climate change, business-as-usual will become a thing of the past, and organisations will need to adapt for the future.

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To support net zero transformation in the UK business community, the UN Global Compact Network UK is partnering with 103 Ventures to deliver a new course-style webinar series to give CSOs, sustainability leaders, and their teams the practical tools and knowledge they need to implement meaningful change within their companies. This series will outline a step-by-step approach to the transformation process, highlighting best practices along the way. Upon completion of this series, participants will understand:

  • Why companies can’t continue with ‘business as usual’ if they are to achieve net zero.
  • How the net zero transformation can be structured within the business using existing frameworks, as well as the breadth, scale, and time required to achieve their goals.
  • What other leading companies are doing to change their business models and internalise net zero.
  • Clear next steps relating to their business and individual actions they can take to prompt key conversations, shift business strategy, and implement fundamental change throughout their organisation.

Each webinar in the 7-part series will help your business take its net zero ambitions to the next level, building on material in the previous session and encouraging you to complete ‘homework’ to complement the learning journey.

Are you ready to transform your business?

Past Sessions

Developing the Right Conditions: People
6 June, 10:00-11:30 BST

The fifth webinar in the series is the first of two sessions focused on developing the right conditions for transformational change. This session will centre around people, and how to ensure key internal stakeholders are engaged to enable the required change. It will explore what good governance looks like, how to get Board buy-in, employee training, and more.

Kate Wolfenden small sq

Kate Wolfenden
103 Ventures 

celli lloyd sm

Celli Lloyd
UK Country Launcher
AXA Climate

Developing the Right Conditions: Systems and Processes
20 June, 10:00-11:30 BST

The sixth session builds on the previous webinar on developing the right conditions for transformational change, but this time with a focus on systems and processes. This session aims to highlight the possibilities in this space, looking at innovation and alternative ways of doing business, as well as how this can be integrated into the organisation. It will explore themes like the circular economy, green technology, and nature-based solutions.

Kate Wolfenden small sq

Kate Wolfenden
103 Ventures


Magali Anderson
Former Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer
Holcim, and
Board Member
Anglo American


Julien Tremblin
General Manager
TerraCycle Europe

Enabling the Change
4 July, 10:00-11:30 BST

The final webinar in the series will examine two key levers for implementing transformational change both within the company and wider society – finance and advocacy. It will focus on the importance of supportive conditions for net zero, and how those can be achieved. Finally, it will outline next steps companies can take to utilise the learnings from the webinar series and ensure their net zero transformation journey continues.

Kate Wolfenden small sq

Kate Wolfenden
103 Ventures

mark chadwick cr sm

Mark Chadwick
Managing Director - Sustainability Solutions

louise kjellerup roper cr sq

Louise Kjellerup Roper
Chief Executive Officer
Volans and Co-Founder, Bankers for Net Zero

Get up to speed before the sessions! Browse the resources below:

For questions about the series, please contact Alexandra Ranft, Senior Project Manager, Environment team.