SDG Storytelling for Sustainability

When it comes to ESG reporting, companies are faced with increasing demands from stakeholders for more comprehensive and transparent disclosures, including ever more strict statutory reporting requirements. At the same time, stakeholder and regulator sensitivity to ‘greenwashing’ has never been higher. Due to this, businesses report difficulty with communicating their sustainability efforts, both internally and externally, in a way that meets requirements and mitigates reputational risk.

Why stories?

When people think of advocating for their ideas, they think of convincing arguments based on data, facts, and figures. However, studies show that stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone. When data and stories are used together, there is the potential to bring figures to life, moving stakeholders both intellectually and emotionally. Storytelling allows companies to build engagement with your audience and spur action.

Without a sustainability story, businesses are at risk of restricting internal buy-in, customer support, and employee engagement.

Here’s how we can help…

This year-long series will guide companies on how they can use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a holistic framework for good storytelling to meaningfully communicate ESG strategies. As well as look at how the SDGs can educate internal stakeholders on the importance of sustainability integration across the entire business model.

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Interview Series

  • Communicating Meaningfully – Lucy Shea, CEO, Futerra
  • Investor Perspectives – James Alexander, CEO, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association
  • PartnershipsMirième Hill, Corporate Responsibility Project Manager, RELX
  • Engaging Beyond Sustainability – Patrick Linighan, Chief Sustainability Officer, Clyde & Co

Infographic Series

  • ESG Reporting and the SDGs
  • Double materiality and the SDGs
  • The building blocks of crafting a good sustainability story
  • Building buy-in

Crafting your Sustainability Story Workshop

  • In this exclusive communications workshop, companies will learn how to tell their sustainability story based on their context, mission, and key stakeholders
  • The workshop will address key barriers to SDG engagement to determine how business can work to meaningfully communicate ESG strategies whilst educating internal stakeholders on the importance of sustainability integration

SDG Storytelling for Sustainability Toolkit

  • Summarising the content of the series, the SDG Storytelling for Sustainability Toolkit will showcase the key actions of communicating around the SDGs, and the power of storytelling
  • The toolkit will highlight that SDG storytelling is not sticking colourful icons on a report but is the framework for developing meaningful stories


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For more information please contact Lily Venables, Governance and SDGs Project Manager, and Erin Sharpe, Governance and SDGs Project Manager.