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Connect with local organisations and delve into the SDGs at our 2021 Making Global Goals Local Business Roadshow. With 7 virtual city stops over October, we will bring together hundreds of stakeholders to accelerate action on the SDGs. In the lead up to COP26, these online events will allow you to take a whole systems approach to delivering the Global Goals and develop an understanding of how to lead action for Agenda 2030. Join your regional event to build collaborative networks with neighbouring businesses, local authorities, and civil society organisations in your area. LEARN MORE >>>

To commemorate the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, UN Global Compact Network UK & UN Global Compact Network USA are launching the Elimination of Child Labour Webinar Series. The five sessions feature a series of discussions over the course of the year, to raise awareness on the importance of the elimination of child labour and to translate business aspirations into business actions. The series will bring private sector representatives together with UN agencies, academia, and civil society to discuss the challenges on the ground, as well as share best practice examples to eliminate child labour and accelerate progress to end child labour for good.


08 July  - 27 October 2021
In the run up to COP26 in November, these two webinar series will support companies to enhance business resilience, and in turn broader societal and environmental resilience to climate change. The Race to Zero series will provide sector-specific, deep-dive, and interactive sessions, focusing on solutions and enabling practical action.


Welcome to our newest members:

Accuro Fiduciary Services Limited
Aquaculture Stewardship Council
Asesoria Group
Barratt Developments Plc
Dints International Ltd
Gosselin UK Limited
NCC Group plc
Net Natives Ltd
Preact Limited
Reed & Mackay Travel
Save the Children UK
Themis International Services
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Our new Africa Strategy 2021-2023 calls on the private sector across the continent to participate in this paramount journey toward upholding the Ten Principles and accelerating progress on the #SDGs in this Decade of Action.

📖 Read the strategy now: http://bit.ly/3CsZ263

This 90-second video captures the highlights of #UnitingBusiness LIVE, our three-day event on the sidelines of the High-Level UN General Assembly week.


See the press release here: http://bit.ly/3nZQHmn

At this year's #UnitingBusiness LIVE:

✅The most pressing global challenges & solutions were discussed.

🟢Heads of State, CEOs and global leaders commit to accelerating action on the #SDGs ahead of #COP26.


📰 Read our press release: http://bit.ly/3nZQHmn

Amb Hilale was pleased to meet with @SandaOjiambo CEO of the UN Global Compact to discuss the role of Morocco 🇲🇦 in reinforcing the @globalcompact economic agenda and implementing the new #Africa Strategy. Bringing private sector to the table & accelerating @Agenda2030 in Africa

📍Highlights from today’s SDG Business Forum are hot off the press!

🤝 Thank you for your engagement and participation in the UN @globalcompact #UnitingBusiness LIVE 2021.


Click to read: http://bit.ly/3EKeVXC

👋 Time to say goodbye

"Today's SDG Business Forum has provided concrete examples of private sector action", H.E. @AminaJMohammed, @UN Deputy Secretary-General closed the #UnitingBusiness LIVE 2021 and called on everyone to "scale up these efforts".


🎙️ "We actually linked very clearly our overall corporate strategy to the #SDGs…That's an incredible part of what we signal to our exporters, what we signal to our partners, what we signal to the companies we work with."

--- @Mairead_Lavery, President & CEO of @ExportDevCanada

As we conclude the #UnitingBusiness LIVE SDG Business Forum, the closing remarks will be delivered by H.E. Amina J. Mohammed @AminaJMohammed, @UN Deputy Secretary-General.

⏰: 11:45 a.m. (NYT)

#GlobalGoals @iccwbo @UNDESA

Register: http://bit.ly/3kQFTUm

"Purpose and a distinct commitment to positive impact & value creation, guided by inclusive, environmental, social and governance criteria is the new driving force for successful and thriving businesses."

--- HRH. Princess Noura Al-Saud, Partner & Co-Founder of @aeonstrategy

Our private sector is "increasingly being empowered with a heightened awareness of their role as partners to accelerate sustainable development" and can become "game changers".

Pamela @CokeHamilton, Executive Director of @ITCnews speaks at the SDG Business Forum.


📌“The future of sustainable development depends on us, on the choices we make today.”

Liu Zhenmin, Under-Secretary-General @UNDESA, speaks at the #UnitingBusiness Live SDG Business Forum.


Register now: http://bit.ly/3kQFTUm

"The time for pomp & ceremony is over. The time for rolling up our sleeves and putting the world back into motion on a better track is right now."

Ajay Banga, Chair @iccwbo & Executive Chairman @Mastercard, speaks at the SDG Business Forum.

Register now: http://bit.ly/3kQFTUm

📢 The FINAL day of #UnitingBusiness LIVE 2021

🇺🇳 H.E. António Guterres @antonioguterres, Secretary-General @UN, highlighted "3 areas for action where the private sector has a critical role to play".


Register & join the SDG Business Forum: http://bit.ly/3kQFTUm

John Denton @ICCSecGen, Secretary-General of International Chamber of Commerce @iccwbo, will be speaking at the #UnitingBusiness LIVE “Bolstering Supply Chains” session.

⏰ Mark the time: 11 a.m. (NY)


Register: http://bit.ly/3kQFTUm

How do Small and medium-sized enterprises (#SMEs) contribute to #SDGs❔

Join @PavanSukhdev, CEO @GistImpact at the #UnitingBusiness LIVE #SDG Business Forum.

⏰: 9:45 a.m. (NY)

@iccwbo @UNDESA

Register: http://bit.ly/3kQFTUm

Curious about the importance of Small and medium-sized enterprises (#SMEs)❔

Join the #UnitingBusiness LIVE #SDG Business Forum with @FloraMutahi, Board Member of @globalcompact.

#GlobalGoals @iccwbo @UNDESA

⏰: 9:45 a.m. (NY)

Register: http://bit.ly/3kQFTUm

📍Small and medium-sized enterprises (#SMEs) are important to #GlobalGoals.

Join the #UnitingBusiness LIVE #SDG Business Forum to hear from Ian Talbot, CEO of @ChambersIreland/@ICC_Ireland.

@iccwbo @UNDESA

⏰: 9:45 a.m. (NY)

Register: http://bit.ly/3kQFTUm

What’s the future of sustainable development?

Join the #UnitingBusiness LIVE SDG Business Forum to hear from @SerenaIbrahim4, Founder & Executive Director of Youth Against Corruption @YouthYac.

⏰: 7:30 a.m. (NY)

#GlobalGoals @iccwbo @UNDESA

Register: http://bit.ly/3kQFTUm

Join the #UnitingBusiness LIVE SDG Business Forum to hear from @SandraWuWenHsiu, Chairperson & CEO of Kokusai Kogyo.

⏰: 7:30 a.m. (NY)

#GlobalGoals @iccwbo @UNDESA

Register: http://bit.ly/3kQFTUm

📌 94% of CEOs surveyed report that initiatives across race, gender, LGBTQ+ protection & disabilities were not negatively impacted by COVID-19.

📝 Read our latest brief to learn why #diversity and #inclusion must remain a priority for global businesses: http://bit.ly/2XIRBJd

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Noting the importance of business leaders to #ClimateAction, we wrap up the week showcasing how @MottMacDonald is working #TogetherForOurPlanet with a quote from their Global Head of Sustainability and Climate Change, @SallySudworth.

Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3nqCxui

The Making Global Goals #LocalBusiness Roadshow will provide you with opportunities to network & enhance engagement with key sustainability issues relevant to your business’ sustainability agenda.

Sign up for your local event here: https://bit.ly/3E3MhQO

Well done to the innovators from @VodafoneUK for an excellent presentation, showcasing their #SDG business solution at the Young SDG Innovators Summit! #UnitingBusiness

Well done to the innovators from @ArupGroup for an excellent presentation, showcasing their #SDG business solution at the Young SDG Innovators Summit! #UnitingBusiness

Fostering cooperation within your value chain is critical to ensuring your business is resilient to climate shocks.

Join our webinar, ‘Engaging Supply Chain Stakeholders for Enhanced Climate Resilience’, to learn how: https://bit.ly/3rtcbrE
#RaceToResilience #ClimateAction

Is your business based in #Birmingham or the #Midlands? Join our Making Global Goals Local Business: Birmingham event on 5 October to network and learn from like-minded organisations and individuals in your region!

Sign up here: https://bit.ly/3E3MhQO

#SDGs #MGGLBRoadshow

📢 Our ‘Transitioning to #NetZero for the Built Environment’ webinar starts right now!

Tune in to hear from our guest speakers from @beisgovuk, @turnertownsend, @LandsecGroup, @UKGBC, and @CDP & @sciencetargets: https://bit.ly/3hTQUUy
#RaceToZero #ClimateAction

We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of Professor John G. Ruggie and will strive to honour his legacy through our work at the UN Global Compact Network UK.


📢 We are recruiting for an intern to join our Executive Team!

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to get some work experience in the corporate responsibility and sustainable development field.

Find out more and apply here: https://app.beapplied.com/apply/927gnhluai

Tune in to our ‘Transitioning to #NetZero for the Built Environment’ webinar tomorrow where we will hear expert insight from speakers at @turnertownsend, @LandsecGroup, @beisgovuk, @UKGBC, and @CDP & @sciencetargets!

It’s not too late to register: https://bit.ly/3hTQUUy

Companies need to act responsibly and sustainably to meet stakeholder demands. Join SDG Ambition to learn how you can set corporate targets aligned with absolute benchmarks that reflect today’s expectations on business. Learn more and sign up here: https://bit.ly/sdg-ambition

The 2021 Making Global Goals #LocalBusiness Virtual Roadshow will be offering you chances to network & enhance engagement with key sustainability topics to improve your corporate sustainability performance.

Sign up for your local event: https://bit.ly/3E3MhQO


Our Making Global Goals Local Business Roadshow will be visiting #Birmingham #Manchester #Bristol #Cardiff #London #Belfast and #Glasgow this October. Connect with like-minded individuals and companies in your region here: https://bit.ly/3E3MhQO

❗️Remember to join us for our ‘Nature-Based Solutions for Enhanced Climate Resilience’ webinar tomorrow! Participants will hear from Helen Davis at @ArupGroup and Elmedina Krilašević at @IUCN.

Sign up here: https://bit.ly/3hTZjHF
#RaceToResilience #ClimateAction

In 2020, @MottMacDonald became the first company of their kind to be certified as #CarbonNeutral and they have pledged to become a #NetZero organisation by 2040 or earlier.

Learn more about their journey to carbon neutrality here: https://bit.ly/3lmkLFP

We encourage businesses of all sizes and industries to sign the @WEPrinciples (#WEPs) to join a global community of over 5000 signatories, gain access to tools and resources, and promote #genderequality in the workplace, marketplace, and community. http://www.weps.org

📢Over 80 businesses & business groups have signed a public letter urging @BorisJohnson to deliver a coherent UK climate strategy for #AchievingZero emissions ahead of @COP26.
Read the #BGAnetzero letter in full: https://bit.ly/3hIyDsT @ClimateCLG


🗣 Karl Zammit-Maempel, Energy Lead for the COP26 @hlcchampions, will be joining the panel of experts for our ‘Transitioning to #NetZero for Energy & Utilities’ webinar next week!

Register to hear his insight: https://bit.ly/2V5h6m8
#RaceToZero #ClimateAction

In the lead up to #COP26, we are showcasing member companies who are undertaking ambitious corporate #ClimateAction in the effort to work #TogetherForOurPlanet. This week we are applauding @MottMacDonald for their climate commitments!

Learn more here: https://bit.ly/395bNah

The people of Afghanistan need our support now more than ever. There are serious concerns about the risk of human rights violations, especially for women and girls.

Watch the UNHCR Special Briefing here: https://bit.ly/3ldGnUU

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We think a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. That is why, one year ago, we became a #LivingWage Employer. The real #LivingWage is the only rate calculated on the real cost of living.