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Congratulations to the 2021 #SDGpioneers!

We are pleased to announce this year's class of business leaders who are doing an exceptional job of working through the #TenPrinciples to advance the #GlobalGoals and use business as a force for good: http://unglobalcompact.org/news/4708-06-16-2021

🗓️Mark your calendars: the #GenerationEquality Forum in Mexico City produced bold commitments to accelerate gender equality.

Now, @UN_Women embarks on the path to Paris, where the culminating event will take place from 30 June -2 July: http://forumgenerationegalite.fr/en #ActForEqual

To recover from #COVID19 with integrity @UNODC & @globalcompact offer a private sector e-learning tool in 31 languages to help detect corruption risks in business operations & to promote integrity. #UnitedAgainstCorruption 👉 http://thefightagainstcorruption.org/

Missed out on the UN @globalcompact's #LeadersSummit session on "Responsible Business: Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace"?

You can now watch the session on YouTube: https://youtube.com/watch?v=6x5KC4vfoAQ

@PMInstitute | @Woodplc | @Softtek | @VirtusaCorp |
@WPP | @globalcompactUK

Working poverty is a reality worldwide. For many workers, a job does not provide a way out of poverty for them and their families.

A new report from the UN @globalcompact helps companies ensure a #LivingWage across their supply chain: http://livingwages.unglobalcompact.org

The UN @globalcompact Anti-Corruption #CollectiveAction Playbook guides companies and other members of the business community to fight against corruption, together.

Take action in your company today: http://unglobalcompact.org/library/5896

"88% of companies are aware that there is a water risk, but only 44% have a plan,” says @jenn_schorsch (@Water) in Profiles in Leadership, a series from the Water Resilience Coalition.

Read the story: http://ceowatermandate.org/resilience/profiles-water-org/ @globalcompact #WaterResilient💧

Companies are being challenged by customers and investors to reduce emissions and set ambitious @sciencetargets.

The #ClimateAmbition Accelerator simplifies the journey, enabling companies to set and deliver on meaningful commitments to reduce emissions: http://unglobalcompact.org/take-action/climate-ambition-accelerator

“Corruption hinders economic growth and social development and can weaken much-needed trust in public institutions and businesses.” — @SandaOjiambo

Learn how your company can take action in the new playbook "Uniting Against Corruption": http://unglobalcompact.org/news/4744-06-22-2021 #CollectiveAction

Applications are now open for SDG Ambition! The UN @globalcompact is enabling #biz to move beyond incremental progress toward transformative change — creating business value, resilience and long-term growth.

Join today: http://unglobalcompact.org/take-action/sdg-ambition

@Accenture @SAP @3M

#COVID19 has underlined the necessity of inclusive workplaces and women's leadership in companies to achieve #GenderEquality.

Take action by joining #TargetGenderEquality — an accelerator to help companies close the gender gap in business leadership: http://unglobalcompact.org/target-gender-equality

New research from the UN @globalcompact and @CDP finds leading #G7 country indexes with more emissions covered by #ScienceBasedTargets have lower overall 🌡️ ratings.

Companies must step up #ClimateAction to align with 1.5°C: http://unglobalcompact.org/news/4705-06-09-2021

@sciencetargets #G7Summit

Congratulations to the 2021 class of Global #SDGpioneers!

These 10 business leaders from all over the world are doing an exceptional job in advancing the #GlobalGoals. Learn more about all of these extraordinary individuals: http://unglobalcompact.org/news/4708-06-16-2021

6 stages
100+ sessions
20,000+ attendees

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 #LeadersSummit! We are in such an opportune moment to elevate business ambition & collective action. Learn how we are #UnitingBusiness: http://unglobalcompact.org/news/4711-06-16-2021

NEW LAUNCH: UN @globalcompact Academy🎓 #bizhumanrights E-learning Course!

Together with @UNHumanRights and in collaboration with @shiftproject, this course helps businesses understand how to respect and support #humanrights: http://info.unglobalcompact.org/humanrights #UNGPs10plus #LeadersSummit

“No one is immune to the impacts of climate and water disruption, but those living in poverty will feel it first and worst.”

Read more from @jenn_schorsch (@Water) in Profiles in Leadership, a series from the Water Resilience Coalition: http://ceowatermandate.org/resilience/profiles-water-org/ #WaterResilient💧

It is time to accelerate action on the “G” in ESG.

A new tool from the UN @globalcompact helps companies embrace transformational governance to strengthen culture, ethics and performance and support public institutions and systems: http://sdg16.unglobalcompact.org #SDG16

Did you know that 73% of CEOs say that they expect the pressure to take action on sustainability will grow significantly over the next 3 years? It's time to raise your company's level of ambition to achieve the #GlobalGoals.

Join SDG Ambition today: http://unglobalcompact.org/take-action/sdg-ambition

Working poverty is a reality worldwide. For many workers, a job does not provide a way out of poverty for them and their families.

A new report from the UN @globalcompact helps companies ensure a #LivingWage across their supply chain: http://livingwages.unglobalcompact.org

Around the world, many refugees cannot access the basic healthcare they need to keep them safe.

Help ALL people forced to flee get the high-quality, affordable care they need. @Refugees #WorldRefugeeDay

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Want to hear how #ChildLabour in the informal economy feeds formal #supplychains, and how to address this challenge?

Join our second #ECLWS webinar featuring speakers from @PactWorld @childrightsbiz @FairTradeUSA @follow50eight and more!

Register here: https://bit.ly/3wvXZPN

Interested in supply chain diversity & inclusive procurement?

If so, join our #BlackLivesMatter & Business: Supply Chains webinar on 13 July to learn how to include more Black-owned businesses in your company's supply chains.

Register now: https://www.unglobalcompact.org.uk/black-lives-matter-business/

Join our ‘Financing Our Future’ session with the @globalcompact's CFO Taskforce to explore how companies can help mobilise investments for the #SDGs. https://bit.ly/3xQnigO

#BusinessSDGSummit #GlobalGoals #ResponsibleBusiness #SustainableInvestment

One of @Shoosmiths' largest contributors to their carbon footprint is business travel – but they're working on it.

Read more about their sustainable travel policy and how it's encouraging more mindful transport: https://bit.ly/2SGXxzO
#TogetherForOurPlanet #ClimateAction

Developed by the UN @globalcompact and @UNHumanRights in collaboration with @shiftproject, this new e-learning course on #HumanRights helps businesses take action to identify, prevent, mitigate, & account for their human rights impacts.

Get started: https://info.unglobalcompact.org/humanrights

Want to hear how #ChildLabour in the informal economy can compromise formal #SupplyChains, and how to address this issue?

Join 'Child Labour: Exploring how the informal sector feeds into formal supply chains' on 29 June at 15:45 BST.

Register here👉 https://bit.ly/3wvXZPN

The fight to end the climate crisis, protect the Amazon, ensure diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and address circularity and regeneration starts with us. Tune into Natura &Co's Commitment To Life event here: https://bit.ly/3csMwJ9

#CommitmentToLife #BeautyFORTheWorld

Businesses and investors across the globe cannot afford to push the management of climate-related risks down the line. Tune in to 'Understanding Risks to Build Climate Resilience' on July 8th to learn how you can prepare your business!

Register here: https://bit.ly/35ks74X

❗ Less than two weeks remain to apply for #TargetGenderEquality – a UN @globalcompact gender equality accelerator designed to help companies set and reach ambitious targets for women’s representation and leadership.

Learn more and apply here: https://www.unglobalcompact.org.uk/target-gender-equality/

Join our ‘SDG Ambition’ session to learn how our 6-month accelerator programme and the 10 SDG Ambition Benchmarks can help your business become a sustainability leader! Register here: https://bit.ly/3xQnigO

#BusinessSDGSummit #GlobalGoals #ResponsibleBusiness #SDGAmbition

This week we are showcasing @Shoosmiths for their commitment to corporate #ClimateAction, for example, their 'New How' green recovery initiative.

Find out how each of their sectors will be focusing on #COP26 in the coming months: https://bit.ly/3vwxKb6

Ready to raise your ambition on the #GlobalGoals? Join UN @globalcompact for SDG Ambition — a 6-month accelerator programme enabling companies to move beyond incremental progress and step-up transformative change towards long-term growth. Join Today: http://unglobalcompact.org/take-action/sdg-ambition

🗣Gonzalo Muñoz (@gmunozabogabir), High Level Climate Champion, will be joining us as a keynote speaker for Business Transition to a Net Zero and Resilient World, a flagship event of #LCAW2021!

Save your place for July 1st: https://bit.ly/35ks74X
#RaceToZero #RaceToResilience

We are thrilled to announce that @GreenSolitaire from @futerra will be speaking at the ‘Building Back Better with the SDGs’ on 20 July. Register here to join the session! https://bit.ly/3xQnigO

#BusinessSDGSummit #GlobalGoals #SDGs #ResponsibleBusiness

Join us at the @RELXHQ 2021 SDG Inspiration Day happening tomorrow, 22 June 09:30-17:30 BST!

This virtual event is an opportunity to engage with innovators & thought leaders for business action on the #GlobalGoals #SDGs.

Register to attend here: https://bit.ly/3e6f4rX

The #SDGs must be a central part in our recovery plan. Tune in on 20 July for the ‘Building Back Better with the SDGs’ event to hear how we can accelerate action for the Goals. Register here: https://bit.ly/3xQnigO

#BusinessSDGSummit #GlobalGoals #ResponsibleBusiness

Join us on 13 July at our last #BlackLivesMatter & Business webinar in 2021 to learn about effective supplier diversity programmes & the inclusion of Black-owned businesses in procurement with @Accenture, @HSBC, @MSD_UK & @nationalgridus.

Register now: https://www.unglobalcompact.org.uk/black-lives-matter-business/

In the lead up to #COP26, we are showcasing Network UK companies who are undertaking ambitious corporate #ClimateAction in the effort to work #TogetherForOurPlanet. This week we are recognising @Shoosmiths for their bold climate targets!

Find out more: https://bit.ly/3q7iYGG

How can we close the existing #SDG investment gap? Join the ‘Financing Our Future’ session on 20 July with the @globalcompact CFO Taskforce to hear what some of the most pioneering corporate finance leaders are doing. https://bit.ly/3xQnigO


Business, governments, civil society, & other stakeholders can all #ActForEqual and generate action in the lead up to & at the @UN_Women #GenerationEquality Forum on 30 June-2 July.

Learn more & accelerate progress for #GenderEquality by 2030: https://forum.generationequality.org/

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We think a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. That is why, one year ago, we became a #LivingWage Employer. The real #LivingWage is the only rate calculated on the real cost of living.