Welcome to the UN Global Compact Network UK

We are a member-based organisation and official Local Network, representing UK organisations that are Participants and Signatories of the UN Global Compact.

Local Networks were launched to help make the UN Global Compact relevant across the world’s different economic, political and cultural landscapes and to support meaningful engagement with Participants and Signatories. We implement a programme of activity in support of UK-based UN Global Compact Participants and Signatories who wish to maximise the benefits of their engagement with the UN Global Compact. The below quote sums up the role of a Local Network.

For the UN Global Compact, our priority is to translate the SDGs into business action and innovation everywhere. Our Local Networks in over eighty-five countries are at the heart of this effort. Networks are absolutely crucial to help local businesses shape this agenda. Our Local Networks have shown us time and again that the solutions and innovations we need are already out there. Change will not come as a result of meetings held at UN Headquarters alone, but as a result of deliberate and tangible action on the ground..”

Executive Director, Lise Kingo

The UK Network aims to further the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles that cover human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and serves members through regular meetings to share best practice and working groups that are active in areas such as reporting, small and medium-sized enterprises, communications, and liaison with other networks.