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Join us on 12 December at 2pm for our free webinar about #reporting and #communicating with three experts in the field - the registration is open to everyone, so make sure to sign up to join the conversation: #SDGs #GlobalGoals

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC introducing our debating session @DLA Piper. Looking forward to hearing great arguments on whether “companies should only put ESG information into the public domain when they are legally required to do so”! #transparency #esg

We’ve kicked off Debating disclosure: the pros and cons of debating transparency - and we’re looking forward to a day of fruitful discussions. Thank you @DLA_Piper for hosting us!


CSR reports have become an important tool for communicating commitment to #SDGs and #CSR more generally. Make sure to sign up for our upcoming free webinar, Reporting and Communicating, for an in-depth discussion about the topic with three experts:

Only a few hours remain to sign up for our free webinar, Integrating the SDGs, taking place today at 2pm! Register for your place here and join the conversation about the #GlobalGoals and #corporateresponsibility.

Our last free webinar this year, Reporting & Communicating, will take place on 12 December at 2pm. Sign up here to join a conversation about #SDGs with three senior leaders in the field, including experts from @SLA_plc and @ASInvestmentsUK. #GlobalGoals

You still have time to register for the next webinar in our #SDGs-focussed series, taking place tomorrow at 2pm! It is free and open to everyone, so make sure you sign up to learn more about how to integrate the SDGs in the business agenda:

Great to present my work on #SDG narratives and the performativity of language @globalcompactUK

My findings resonate w/ participants: language can generate employee buy in through identity refinement and create creeping commitments of boards members


Congratulations @SandbarAPLimited on your 5th year in the UN Global Compact. Thank you for your commitment to doing business sustainably!

Integrating the #SDGs into existing reporting processes helps business to better report their impact and address the information needs of relevant stakeholders. To learn more, sign up for our free, open-to-all webinar on 4 December at 2pm: #GlobalGoals

Encouraging our new participants to support the Ten Principles is a priority for us. Our next Communication on Progress workshop will provide all the support your company needs to showcase this. Register here: @SAPUKIreland @OKADirect @delphitech @icuk

Thanks to @globalcompactUK and @impact__intl for hosting such an inspiring event on the Sustainable Development Goals. Great to hear some of the ways local businesses and institutions drive real change through embedding the #SDGs.

If you are looking for effective ways to integrate the #SDGs into your business agenda or use the SDG Compass to your advantage, make sure you register for our upcoming 4 December webinar, 'Integrating the SDGs': #GlobalGoals

You still have time to register for our free online webinar 'Setting Goals - Science-based targets' tomorrow at 3pm, with expert speakers from @BTGroup and @thecarbontrust. Make sure to sign up here and join the discussion: #SDGs #GlobalGoals

The fourth step of the SDG Compass is all about integrating the #SDGs in the business agenda. Register now for our free webinar on 4 December, where we will review the recommendations in the Compass and learn about @SSE's approach to the #GlobalGoals:

The Communication on Progress (COP) is the central component of the Global Compact’s integrity measures. If you need support in producing your company’s COP, make sure you register for our upcoming COP workshop on 2 December:

Our free Setting Goals webinar is in just two days - make sure to register here and tune in on Thursday 28th at 3pm for a discussion about setting science-based targets for achieving #GlobalGoals with three experts in the field. #SDGs

Companies can find solid ground in a turbulent and rapidly-changing world by upholding #humanrights.

➡️New UN @globalcompact report dives into 7 major themes that should be top-of-mind for business leaders: #BizHumanRights

Superb meeting on applying #SGDs to business. Learnt some great new tools and techniques. Oddles of optimism in the room;The Sustainable Development Goals, a common language to move forward. #sustainability #sustainablebusiness My Key Goals #SDG12 #SDG14 #SDG17 @globalcompactUK

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Debating Disclosure: The Pros and Cons of Corporate Transparency

Thursday, 5 December 2019 - 1:30pm

at the offices of DLA Piper