Pride Plus: Building LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business

March - June 2022


"This war must end, and peace must be established"

UN Secretary General's remarks at a press conference with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine



UN Global Compact Leaders Summit

The world's largest convening of sustainable business leaders on 1-2 June, 2022!


This webinar series will leverage the SDG Business Benchmarks developed by the UN Global Compact, which translate the most business-relevant SDGs into concrete aspirations and strategies for companies. These sessions will deep-dive into the SDG Benchmarks and enable our participants to:

  • Understand how to establish business processes that align with ambitious goals
  • Define roadmaps using newly launched tools to enable business transformation
  • Discover the latest approaches in delivering comparable, quantifiable, and impactful data
  • Take practical action - for companies of all sizes and sectors
  • Secure senior management buy-in
  • Attract sustainable financing.


Business risks are evolving at a more rapid rate than ever as the world experiences extreme levels of disruption in the forms of climate, health, economic, and social justice crises. Business risks stemming from each of these crises are increasingly inter-related and must be addressed via an integrated approach, only then can companies effectively build resilience and thrive.

The UN Global Compact Network UK is organising a four-part Climate and Business & Human Rights webinar series that will support companies to take holistic action to address climate and human rights-related issues.


To support companies to reduce carbon emissions across their value chain, the UN Global Compact Network UK is hosting a series of topical webinars exploring how companies can tackle Scope 3 emissions categories as defined by the GHG Protocol. Participants will hear from climate specialists and business leaders as they share best practices for identifying, measuring, and reducing their Scope 3 emissions. Nine webinars are scheduled between17th March and 5th July.


Welcome to our newest members:

Africa Oil Corp, Allterrain Services Inc., Asper Investment Management, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Energise Ltd, Enviraz (Scotland) Ltd, euNetworks Group Limited, Exmile Solutions Limited (MarineTraffic), Gravitai, ImpactVest Ltd, Integro Funding Limited, ISG Ltd, Ontic Engineering and Manufacturing UK, Positive Impact, Proactis Holdings Limited, Quilter plc, Red Rock Power, Redwheel, Spectris Plc, Spinko Ltd, Studio Republic, Vita Global Ltd (Group) and Vysus Group.





CEOs of the #WaterResilienceCoalition met in #Davos to keep working as part of the larger solution to the global water crisis. Join our #SharedWaterAmbition for a #WaterResilient💧 world!
@globalcompact @PacificInstitut @Cargill @Ecolab @Microsoft @wef

For @SandaOjiambo, @UN Assistant Secretary-General and CEO of the @globalcompact, “both public and private actors have begun to recognize that solving global water challenges is not a solitary endeavor."

👉Read more:


At #wef22, our CEO and Assistant Secretary-General @SandaOjiambo met with Norwegian Climate Minister @EspenBarthEide 🇳🇴. An opportunity to discuss the work of the UN @globalcompact promoting environmental responsibility and #ClimateAction in the private sector. #UnitingBusiness

Today at #wef22: the UN @globalcompact and the International Trade Centre (@ITCnews) committed to partner in supporting Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs), working together on sustainable global supply chains and women’s economic empowerment. #UnitingBusiness 🤝

💬 A company’s supply chain can significantly impact achieving the #GlobalGoals.

To assist companies in developing sustainable business practices, we provide Academy🎓 sessions on topics like labour practices and environmental progress.

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We are 1️⃣ week away from the UN @globalcompact #LeadersSummit! Register now: 👉

What is the Leaders Summit all about? Watch our highlights from last year:


🌍 Today is #AfricaDay, an opportunity to celebrate progress & reflect on the challenges of a global environment. Supporting the goals of Agenda 2063, our Africa Strategy aims to advance sustainability & responsible business practices.

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Today ITC's @CokeHamilton & UN @globalcompact's @SandaOjiambo signed a Letter of Intent.

We commit to working together on sustainable global supply chains, women’s economic empowerment and boosting #smallbusiness int'l competitiveness for the SDGs. #Partnerships4Purpose

By mobilizing the private sector to take tangible #OceanAction, the Ocean Stewardship Coalition 🌊 brings the voice of business to @UN processes, including the UN Ocean Conference.

Join #biz leaders in scaling up our collective impact 👉


💬 The UN @globalcompact #BizHumanRights Navigator is your resource for understanding complex human rights challenges across business operations and supply chains.

Visit now for clear, actionable guidance from experts:

#HRDD @HelpdeskWiMR @MaplecroftRisk

✅ Human rights
✅ Decent work for all
✅ Protecting the environment
✅ Fighting corruption

Tell us which of the #TenPrinciples and #GlobalGoals matter most to you and why they are #GoodForBusiness!



🗣 The private sector has an important role to play in achieving the #GlobalGoals.

Join our panel with @Accenture for a discussion on leading sustainability in Asia-Pacific! Hear from business leaders paving the way in corporate responsibility.


For 2️⃣1️⃣ years, the UN @globalcompact has called on businesses to lead #sustainably and commit to actionable goals for the interest and future of our world 🌎. #UnitingBusiness

Watch our story 👇

Join the UN @globalcompact #LeadersSummit for 2️⃣ days of inspired conversations with global leaders, purposeful networking and meaningful takeaways!

👉 Only 9 days left! Register now:
🗓 1–2 June


ASG & CEO of the UN @globalcompact @SandaOjiambo welcomes further progress on the proposed EU directive for Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence and calls for greater alignment with key international standards, especially the #UNGPs.



🌊 At the UN @globalcompact, we invite businesses to take #OceanAction and sign the Sustainable Ocean Principles to ensure that both people and planet 🌍 can thrive.

Want to learn more? Join our information session on 25 May at 9:00am ET! Register here 👉

Great to connect with our @globalcompactPL 🇵🇱 colleagues today at #wef22 as well as leading Polish CEOs and Government representatives to speak about the war in #Ukraine 🇺🇦 and ways to unite business for a better world 🌍. #UnitingBusiness


🗣 More than 90% of Target Gender Equality participants have targets for equality in place!

Join the #TargetGenderEquality Accelerator, a programme designed to help your company achieve women's equal representation in leadership.
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Together we can rebuild an equitable and resilient 🌎. Join global leaders at the UN @globalcompact #LeadersSummit, as we elevate ambition for collective action. Register today! 👉


Wherever you live, #BiodiversityDay reminds us that we can all do our part to protect our planet. Let’s act #ForNature together. 🌍 🌿

Discover 2️⃣2️⃣ actions you can take for biodiversity via @UNBiodiversity:


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Meet the #SDGPioneers finalist: Jennifer Coleman from @NatWestGroup has worked closely with the UK Network to bolster regional engagement with the #SDGs. Read more about Jennifer here:

❗ Our 'Reducing #Scope3 Emissions: Leased Assets' webinar starts now! Don't miss out - register to join our guest speakers from @LandsecGroup, @UKGBC, and @CDP & @sciencetargets:

#NetZero #ClimateAction #RaceToZero

Alinde Melin, Global Human and Child Rights Leader at @IKEA, will join our ‘Re-Focusing Business Attention on Children’s Rights’.

Register to hear from Alinde about the actions #Businesses can take to ensure they respect and support #ChildrensRights:

#Businesses that promote #GenderEquality are more attractive to investors, consumers, and new talent.

Apply to this year's #TargetGenderEquality accelerator programme to take steps towards achieving gender equality in your organisation:


What is athlete abuse and what are the responsibilities of key actors? The @APPG_SportandHR will host a meeting on ‘Protecting Athletes from Abuse and the Right to Remedy’, on 21 June, 10:00-11:30 BST, which will explore this question, and more.

Taking the appropriate steps to identify, mitigate, and remedy negative impacts on #HumanRights and the environment translates into direct benefits for #businesses.

Join our webinar to gain insight on the importance of managing #SupplyChains responsibly:

Thank you to our panellists for their insightful presentations on #LGBTIQ+ participation about how #business can create a Trans-Inclusive Workplace.

📢 Join us at our next session on ‘Creating a Trans-Inclusive Workplace’ on 29 June, 13:00-14:30 BST:


Brittany Gataveckas, Bobbi Pickard @BobbityP, and @Luke_NGALaw are solving the Q&A. They are discussing what should be the practical steps #businesses can take to ensure the inclusion of transgender and non-binary people in the workplace and beyond.


📢 Join us!

Bobbi Pickard @BobbityP, Diversity & Inclusion Director at @bp_plc and CEO of @TransITCUK, explains the main challenges and opportunities that businesses can face in creating a Tran-Inclusive Workplace.

#Diversity #BizAndHr #LGBTIQ+

In Our ‘Supporting a Diverse Workforce’ webinar @Luke_NGALaw Assisted Reproduction Law Specialist, @NgambleAssoc and Chair, LGBT+ Lawyers Division Committee at The Law Society, mentions some practical steps that businesses can take to facilitate Trans-inclusion in the workplace.

💥Today we have the participation of Brittany Gataveckas, Lead, Social, Sustainability and Project Manager at @globalcompactca.

Britanny will be our moderator for the third session of our 'Pride Plus: Building LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business':🏳️‍🌈



How can businesses generate employees’ emotional wellbeing, job satisfaction, and engagement?

Learn about the importance of creating a Trans-Inclusive Workplace in our 'Pride Plus: Building #LGBTIQ+ Inclusive #Business' webinar series.


Join this panel of experts for the third session of our 'Pride Plus: Building LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business' webinar series to learn how to advance #LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the #workplace: 🏳️‍🌈

Last chance to register here: 👇

Congratulations to David Orr for being selected as the 2022 Global Compact Network UK SDG Pioneer! Read more about David and the SDG Pioneers campaign here:

Companies that respect and support #ChildrensRights can mitigate serious legal and reputational risks to their activities. Join us along @UNICEFuk_action and @savechildrenuk in our webinar Re-Focusing Business Attention on Children’s Rights ➡️

#Businesses have a critical role to play in respecting and supporting #childrensrights.

Read all the blog posts in our series around the 10th anniversary of the #CRBPs:

@UNICEFuk_action @savechildrenuk @IKEA @avivainvestors @childrightsbiz

❗️ Our ‘Creating a Trans-Inclusive Workplace’ webinar is TOMORROW.

Join the third session of our 'Pride Plus: Building LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business' webinar series to explore how #businesses can support their transgender employees in the workplace:

We want to work with hundreds of stakeholders to establish where the UK Government, and other actors, should focus efforts for the remainder of this #DecadeOfAction. Share your views on what the UK needs to do to make the #SDGs a reality: #MeasuringUp

A #HumanRights-based approach to managing #SupplyChain disruptions resulting from #ClimateChange results in direct benefits for #businesses.

Join our ‘Supply Chain Solutions’ webinar to gain insights on this critical topic:

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We think a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. That is why, one year ago, we became a #LivingWage Employer. The real #LivingWage is the only rate calculated on the real cost of living.