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Every business plays a crucial role in achieving the SDGs by 2030. Business must establish leadership that ensures more effective, accountable, and transparent governance, while integrating sustainable development in corporate investments and finance to transform business models and maximize their impact on the SDGs.

Globally, 50% of targets across the 17 Goals are not being met, and on domestic delivery, the UK is only performing well on 17% of targets. The latest estimates of the SDG financing gap between 2023 – 2030 are $103–135 trillion. The private sector as a collective has the resources at its disposal to close the gap, accounting for over 60% of GDP in most countries.

UN Global Compact Network UK aims to mobilise the private sector to rethink their purpose, value proposition and embrace a system approach of transformational governance and align corporate finance strategies with SDGs to strengthen business internal and external operations.

We have developed holistic programmes for companies to embed sustainability into their strategy and take collective action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


Brenda Staines

Brenda Staines
Head of Governance & SDGs