Pride Plus: Building LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business

Companies which engage with LGBTIQ+ people effectively see benefits for productivity and profitability. Creating an equitable workforce through effective LGBTIQ+ inclusion ensures everyone feels comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work and generates direct benefits for business.

The UN Global Compact Network UK organised a four-part webinar series on Building LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business from March-June 2022. This series inspired businesses to start and maintain conversations about LGBTIQ+ participation in the workplace and showcased how businesses can engage with and support LGBTIQ+ colleagues and community members. It has provided practical tools, resources, and examples for companies to make progress on issues of LGBTIQ+ visibility and inclusion in the workplace, marketplace, and beyond.

Past Webinars

Authentic Allyship

29 June, 13:00-14:30 BST

This session will explore how companies can demonstrate meaningful support of LGBTIQ+ people. It will provide practical guidance on undertaking effective allyship, while avoiding the reputational damage incurred by missteps which misrepresent or speak over the LGBTIQ+ community.


Brittany Gataveckas
Lead, Social Sustainability and Project Manager

UK Global Compact Network Canada

Ross Sansom photo (002)

Ross Sansom-Parnell
Lead Service Analyst and Global Co-Chair Group Rainbow Network

Adam Jarvis 3 (002)

Adam Jarvis
Finance Development Manager and LGBTQ+ at Tesco Network Chair
Tesco, and
Stonewall Changemaker of the Year 2022

Creating a Trans-Inclusive Workplace

24 May, 13:00-14:30 BST

This session will examine steps which businesses can take to ensure they are supporting their transgender employees to thrive in the workplace, going beyond actions which simply mitigate reputational and legal risks. It will include best practice case studies from business, as well as guidance from civil society.


Brittany Gataveckas
Lead, Social Sustainability and Project Manager

Global Compact Network Canada

Luke Williams
Assisted Reproduction Law Specialist
NGA Law and Chair, LGBT+ Lawyers Division Committee
The Law Society

Bobbi Proud Portraits (002)

Bobbi Pickard
Diversity & Inclusion Director
Trans in the City

4 May, 13:30-15:00 BST

This session will provide practical examples from companies which have taken meaningful action to address the specific challenges faced by LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace. It will feature case studies of inclusion journeys where organisations not only addressed discrimination faced by their LGBTIQ+ colleagues, but also took continuous steps to engage with and support their staff.

Iain Anderson preferred photo (002)

Iain Anderson
Executive Chairman

David Weston Headshot (002)

David Weston
Director of Emerging Innovations

Sheba (002)

Dr. Sheba Agarwal-Jans
Scientific Editor
Cell Press

Pride Plus Building LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business Session Banner

29 March, 13:00-14:30 BST

This session will provide a high-level overview of current guidance for facilitating LGBTIQ+ participation in an inclusive business environment. It will also present the tools and resources available to business, including the recently developed UN LGBTIQ+ Standards Gap Analysis Tool.

LMD 1 (002)

Leila McKenzie-Delis

DIAL Global

Paul Maddock - 300dpi (002)

Paul Maddock
Senior Associate

Shannan_Pic (002)

Amr Shannan
Human Rights Officer

Jackie Beer pic (003)

Jackie Beer
Diversity & Inclusion Director


Brittany Gataveckas
Lead, Social Sustainability and Project Manager

Global Compact Network Canada

Dr. Márcia Balisciano (2)

Dr. Márcia Balisciano
Chief Sustainability Officer, Global Head of ESG and Corporate Responsibility


For any questions about the Pride Plus: Building LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business webinar series, please contact Cora Edwards, Project Manager (Business & Human Rights).