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SDG Ambition is an initiative to challenge thousands of companies to raise their level of ambition to meet the needs of society and planet by fully integrating sustainability into business strategy and operations.

Programme Overview

The need for SDG Ambition today is clear. The world is not delivering progress towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the pace and scale needed. While it is still possible to shift the world towards a 1.5°C trajectory and achieve the SDGs by 2030, it will take urgent, scalable and multi-stakeholder action to dramatically accelerate progress.

As we look to recover better from COVID-19, companies around the world have a unique window of opportunity to develop post-pandemic business strategies that fully integrate the SDGs and help to build more inclusive and sustainable societies.

SDG Ambition is a six month accelerator programme that will challenge and support participating companies of the UN Global Compact in setting ambitious corporate targets and accelerating the integration of the SDGs into core business management.

Led by the UN Global Compact in partnership with SAP and Accenture, SDG Ambition will empower and equip participating companies of the UN Global Compact to develop and implement innovative business strategies that significantly increase their positive impact on the SDGs. Through the Global Compact Local Networks in 60+ countries, participating companies will assess current performance, identify risk areas, discover new opportunities across business units and functions and take ambitious business action towards achieving the SDGs by 2030.

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Programme Benefits

You will learn how to:

You will gain:

Strategically prioritize actions that will accelerate your company's contribution to the 2030 Agenda

Set targets aligned with absolute benchmarks that today may seem aspirational but are critical to spearhead the transformation of economies and societies

Approach sustainability management and design new systems integrating the SDGs

Build a business case and generate sustainability buy-in from your company

A clear understanding of baseline impacts across the business in creating a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

The ability to achieve ambitious goals aimed at galvanizing business action with what is actually required to achieve the SDGs.

An overview of how to integrate and mainstream ambitious sustainability goals across business units by pioneering a performance integration approach that utilizes enabling technologies

The foundational tools and understanding to build a business case

Insight into industries with an outsized impact on the SDGs

Expected Outcomes

SDG Ambition will challenge and support companies to:

  • Understand baseline impacts across the business and benchmark with other companies across industries;
  • Undertake strategic prioritization based on an inclusive understanding of their positive and negative impacts across the value chain and operations;
  • Set ambitious goals inspired by the SDGs and Ten Principles that align with and enhance core business strategy;
  • Integrate and mainstream ambitious sustainability goals across business and with external partners utilizing a balanced scorecard inclusive of the SDGs and the Ten Principles;
  • Demonstrate how technologies can provide transparency, measurement, and enable innovation with purpose;
  • Commit and track progress over time with the Communication On Progress.

Programme structure

The programme will be delivered through a number of global sessions and UK workshops
which will be held online.

Registration opens : 15 June
Registration Closes: 30 September
Accelerator begins: October 2021

Interested in participating?

Recruitment for the 2021 - 2022 SDG Ambition programme is now open.
Apply now or contact Clare O'Keeffe, Project Manager, Global Goals, for further details.

Eligibility requirements:
  • A business Participant or Signatory of the UN Global Compact
  • Currently engaged with the UN Global Compact Network UK or willing to join
  • Committed to strengthening corporate target setting and action to increase progress on the SDGs
  • Willing to appoint two representatives to participate in programme activities and events and an executive-level “Ambassador” to follow programme developments, provide support and participate in high-level events.
Cost of joining:
  • Free for: UK Network members on the Participant Engagement Tier;
  • £350+VAT for: UK Network members on the Signatory Engagement Tier.

We are delighted to have worked with 22 UN Global Compact Network UK members for our 2020-2021 SDG Ambition programme:

UK participants (002)