SDG Ambition

SDG Ambition is a new initiative to challenge thousands of companies to raise their level of ambition to meet the needs of society and planet by fully integrating sustainability into business strategy and operations.

The need for SDG Ambition today is clear. The world is not delivering progress towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the pace and scale needed. While it is still possible to shift the world towards a 1.5°C trajectory and achieve the SDGs by 2030, it will take urgent, scalable and multi-stakeholder action to dramatically accelerate progress. Companies must take a clear stand and demonstrate bold leadership to transform business models and economies so they become more just and inclusive – leaving no one behind. This is our starting line as we launch SDG Ambition.

Led by the UN Global Compact in partnership with SAP and Accenture, SDG Ambition will empower and equip participating companies of the UN Global Compact to develop and implement innovative business strategies that significantly increase their positive impact on the SDGs.

Through the Global Compact Local Networks in 60+ countries, participating companies will assess current performance, identify risk areas, discover new opportunities across business units and functions and take ambitious business action towards achieving the SDGs.

The initiative will challenge and support companies to:

  • Understand baseline impacts across the business and benchmark with other companies across industries;
  • Undertake strategic prioritization based on an inclusive understanding of their positive and negative impacts across the value chain and operations;
  • Set ambitious goals inspired by the SDGs and Ten Principles that align with and enhance core business strategy;
  • Integrate and mainstream ambitious sustainability goals across business and with external partners utilizing a balanced scorecard inclusive of the SDGs and the Ten Principles;
  • Demonstrate how technologies can provide transparency, measurement, and enable innovation with purpose;
  • Commit and track progress over time with the Communication On Progress.

The three components of the programme are setting ambitious goals and targets, expanding integration approaches and embracing innovative technologies.

The platform will enable businesses to increase their contributions to the SDGs by providing guidance on raising their ambition — meaningfully above business-as-usual — and establishing absolute targets. This will include development of tools and guidance for integrating the SDGs into the core purpose of the business and strategy; benchmarks and KPIs for concrete, measurable goal-setting; and establishing governance and accountabilities.

The second, interconnected component of the platform will support companies in integrating the SDGs enterprise-wide into business processes, as well as core information flows for how they measure, manage, and report across the business. This will include applying the SDG Implementation Framework to core business processes, data and platforms; practical tool development; and industry-specific application based on high impact areas across the SDGs and the Ten Principles.

Lastly, technology will be a key enabler of SDG Ambition to deliver on these outcomes. Transparent, open platforms will provide the technical capacity to smooth the business integration of the SDGs and the Ten Principles into routine management processes and reporting tools.

SDG Ambition will launch in Autumn 2020. Learn more about the initiative and register your interest.

SDG Ambition