The UN Global Compact Network UK organised the SDG Roadshow 2017 which was composed of 11 Making Global Goals Local Business events in cities across the UK. The objective of this Roadshow was to raise awareness of the SDGs by explaining: What the Global Goals are; Why business should care about the Goals; And how business can effectively contribute to achieving the Goals and benefit from doing so.

Click on SDG Roadshow 2017 past events for a brief report on the event:
02 May 2017         Manchester
Manchester Metropolitan University
04 May 2017         Sheffield
Sheffield Hallam University
09 May 2017         Leicester
University of Leicester
11 May 2017          Nottingham
University of Nottingham
23 May 2017          Bristol
University of West of England
24 May 2017          London
London South Bank University
07 June 2017         Leeds
Leeds Beckett University
13 June 2017         Glasgow
Glasgow Caledonian University
15 June 2017         Newcastle
Newcastle Business School
21 June 2017         Liverpool
University of Liverpool
29 June 2017         Brighton
University of Sussex

SDG Roadshow 2017