Children's Rights in Mandatory Human Rights
WEBINAR: Children’s Rights in Mandatory HR and Environmental Due Diligence
From 10 February 2021

UK businesses and supply chains operate around the globe. They connect us to children labouring to produce cocoa in Côte d’Ivoire, to children of factory workers in Bangladesh producing our clothes as well as to children around the world using apps and products developed by British tech companies. While child labour is perhaps the most widely recognised abuse of child rights by business, UNICEF research shows multiple ways that businesses may impact on children’s rights.

View the recording of this webinar, jointly organised by UN Global Compact Network UK and UNICEF UK, to learn about:

• A newly launched UNICEF UK policy paper on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence and children’s rights (you can download the paper at
• Challenges in considering children’s rights due diligence in corporate human rights and environmental due diligence
• Companies successfully integrating children’s rights into their human rights due diligence
• How new legislation in UK could drive business’ respect for children’s rights

• Maria Pia Bianchetti, Private Sector Policy and Influencing Manager, UNICEF UK
• Joanna Rea, Director of Advocacy, UNICEF UK
• Elaine Mitchel-Hill, Business & Human Rights Lead, Marshalls plc
• Abi Griffiths-Price, Senior Consultant, twentyfifty ltd